Thursday, July 26, 2012


So, when we hear people talk about addictions we automatically think of drugs or alcohol, or is some cases people addicted to the internet, sex or food.  What we don't think about is people who, like myself, have become addicted to exercise/health things.

I admit that I have a new addiction.  It hasn't become a problem as of yet, but that is simply because I haven't invested the money to actually have the item of my addiction.

You see, it's like this.  I realize that I'm 52 years old, I know I shouldn't have all of the body issue problems that I have, but what can you do, right?  Anyway, there is this infomercial on television that I am addicted to watching.  That's strange in and of it's self, but the infomercial is for the Insanity Workout!!  Yeah, that's right, a 60 day workout that will either kill you or else get you into the best shape you've ever been in your life.  I'm hoping for the later result, but let's be realistic, okay.

Like I said, I'm 52 years old.  That's not exactly a spring chicken, but I'm not entirely over the hill yet either (although I do believe I'm on the down side of it).  For me to be seriously thinking about ordering these dvds and actually attempting to do a workout that thousands of people years younger than I am could not do speaks volumes about my sanity!  (Okay E.  stop laughing now)

I'm not at all sure that I can do this stupid workout, it looks like some type of medieval torture retinue, but, if the result are actually as amazing as they seem to be  I'm willing to give it a try.  (Not to mention that there is a money back guarantee if you find you can't do it.)  So, I'm going to order INSANITY WORKOUT and give it a shot.  It should be here in about a week or so, I'll let  you know when I get it and how things go.  (Y'all can encourage me, at least it would be nice if you did!  LOL)



Laura Natella said...

Love ya sugar gurl!! I just turned 51 myself. The psychotherapist is a big help as are the antidepressants. Take care and I subscribed to this for emails.

Laura Natella said...

I just turned 52 and my body issues are a thing of the past. For me I just don't care anymore. May God bless and keep you safe and happy! Love ya gurl!