Sunday, May 30, 2010

Have a safe and blessed Memorial Day

I wish to take a few moments to wish each and every one of you a safe and blessed Memorial Day.   I would also like to ask one small favor if I may.

As you go through your day, enjoying your picnics, cookouts and family gatherings, please pause for a moment to remember all of those who proudly gave their lives in order to keep this great nation free.  From the Union soldiers to the young men and women in Iraq, many have fought and died for the ideal of a Free United States of America. 

Please let's not forgot them.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Morning y'all!!

Morning y'all!!

So it promises to be another hot day here in old Calhoun County!  Not only hot but stupid humid as well.  It surprises me the temperatures we've been having, seeing as how it's not yet June I don't think we should have 90 degree days yet! 

Most of y'all know or know of my Jack Russell Terror, Cabela aka Bitty.  Bitty wants to go for a walk this morning.  That's not a problem, I would rather walk her in the mornings than in the middle of day or early evening when it's so hot.  She is really good on our walks.....well except for the usual doggie things like smelling each and ever blade of grass.

When Bitty wants something she is a very vocal puppy.  Most of you have heard tales of Bitty telling me she wants this or that, or trying to bribe me into doing whatever it is she wants me to do by telling me she loves me.  Well, here is some video evidence of Bitty talking!!

She's a pretty smart puppy!  She knows that she can melt Mom's heart by saying "I Love You" and when she really wants something she says "I Love You Mom" and she ends up getting whatever it is she wants.  

Sometimes I feel so used!  LOL

Anyway, Bitty and I will be taking in the neighborhood here in a little bit.  We'll stop and visit with some of our neighbors, all of whom love Bitty by the way, and we'll stop from time to time to watch other pups run and play.  Then we will come home, get our treat (and she'll look at me like I've done something wrong when I give the other pups a treat too) and then Bitty will nap for a while.  Between the heat and having to work those short legs of hers so hard in order to keep up with me, she will be tired and just have to nap.  When she wakes up she'll want to do it all over again.

And she'll tell me she loves me just one more time.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Another middle of the night ramble

It seems as though 2 am has some special significance for me.   Once again I'm wide awake and wondering why.

Sometimes it seems as though I wake up just to wonder why I have awakened.  It's not as though any one thing in particular has brought me up from the depths of sleep, no unexplained noise, no barking dogs, no crashing thunder.  It's just me and the fur babies (who are still asleep btw) alone in our bed in the late night silence of a small town.

I guess I have too many things going on in my mind.  Wondering what will happen, wondering why what has happened has happened, wondering if any of it makes any difference.  Worrying about my kids, worrying about my dad, worrying about how the bills will get paid this month.  Questioning why I am still in Grantsville, questioning if I will ever leave, questioning if I will ever have a "normal" relationship (whatever the hell that actually is).

Or maybe it's just that the heat has wore me down.  I walked Bitty for a while today and we were both exhausted when we got home.  Maybe it was the lack of food I ingested today.  Or maybe the overindulgence of sweet tea.  Or the fact that I just can't sleep.

Whatever the problem is, it seems as though I am not the only one suffering from it.  Several people I have spoken to in the last several days have mentioned waking up in the middle of the night and not having any idea what has awakened them.

Maybe there is some cosmic thing going on that is interfering with our ability to rest.  Maybe it's just anticipation of Summer, or dread of the heat we all know we will have to suffer with.  Maybe it's just that all of us have forgotten how to sit back and relax.

Whatever is causing the sleep disturbance, it needs to stop.  I'm tired of being tired!!

Anyway, enough of my sleep deprived rambling!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's the middle of the night......

It's the middle of the night and I am awake.  Not sure why, but then again, there are many things in my life that I'm not sure of the why.

So, it's almost June.  It seems like this year just began a few days ago and now it's just about one half over.  Where does time go?  Does each second of our lives just exist at that one brief period of time, or is time a "relative" thing?  Do we just sleepwalk through days that are merely a blink of the eye, or do we live in each and every moment?

I like to think that I actually "live" in each and every moment.  I try to take notice of things that I used to take for granted.  I notice and enjoy Pattywack's purr when he's trying to trip me because I let the bottom of the food bowl show.  I notice and appreciate the feel of Bitty's fur against my hand.  I enjoy the songs of the goofy birds around here who seem to have their days and nights mixed up.

Things like the taste of the first cup of tea in the morning, or the feel of my favorite pj's against my skin have become more and more important to me.  I'm not sure why, but everything just seems more enjoyable, or irritating depending on the situation, than ever before.

Maybe it's because this is my 1/2 century mark.  Or maybe it's because I have faced the fact that I am mortal.  Or maybe it's just drug flashbacks and I don't realize it.  It doesn't really matter why things have become more important and noticeable to me, what matters is that it has happened.  And that I realize it has happened.

When I wake up in the mornings I take a moment to just enjoy being.  When I try to torture a melody from the strings of my fiddle, I enjoy the sound and the effort that it takes.  When I cook a good meal, I enjoy the smell, feel and taste of the food.  And when I sit here and put these thoughts down for others to see, I enjoy the thought that there's a chance that someone out there somewhere in the big, wide world, understands what I am trying to say.

I guess it comes down to the fact that I am enjoying life.  Or maybe I just need to go back to bed.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good Morning Good Morning!!

Good Morning Kids!!

How is everyone this bright, foggy morning??  I'm up and about, drinking my tea and wondering if the grass in the backyard will ever dry enough so that I can finish my mowing!  I'm talking to my friend Esther and she says it's not at all foggy out there, but it's sure foggy here!

Maybe the fog is one reason why the grass stays so wet.  I really need to get my mowing done, but my mower clogs up with wet grass all the time.

The other day I went to Spencer with Esther, Dave and Pearl.  Dave had a Dr. appointment, and we just went along for the ride.  While in Spencer we stopped at Price's Market.  Pearl needed to get some plants for the garden and Price's has such beautiful plants.

I took a few pictures of the flowers.  Hope you enjoy them.

I just LOVE all the pretty colors and textures that come with late Spring/early Summer.  It amazes me that after so many months of snow and ice, the land can produce such an abundant blaze of color.  Hopefully soon I will be able to get out and about in the woods and get some pictures of what is going on without the assistance of mankind.

Well kiddies, I've got to be signing off.  I still haven't done my yoga routine, and I've not even finished my first cup of tea.  I'm a bit off this morning, so I guess it's okay.

Hopefully things will straighten out soon!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It has been a while!!

So kiddies, have you missed me??  I know it's been months, but, well all I can say is that I'm not the average bear, BooBoo.  You see, life OUTSIDE of the computer has interfered with life INSIDE the computer......which is just the opposite of what most people are gripping about these days.

Anyway, it's almost Summer and little old me has been busy, busy, busy!!  I've been going to sings as often as I can and taking pictures like a maniac!!

I'm also learning how to play the fiddle.  Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, Teri is actually doing something musical!!  Will wonders never cease???  My fingers are SORE and I actually peeled of the tip of one of them today, but I'm told that is just something that will happen and then they will callous over and they won't hurt anymore.  All I can say is that we'll see.

Okay, so I have something interesting for you kiddies tonight.

Do you all remember a few months ago when I posted the "Which one of these is my dog?" blog?  Well, I have some news about Warrington!!

My friend Deb sent Warrington's DNA off to be analyzed.  And now the results are in!!

Yes kiddies, my friend Warrington is a Mastiff, Pitbull, Australian Shepherd, German Short-haired Terrier, Pug, Schnauzer!!!  Not a bit of Beagle in him anywhere!!!  Who would have thought this little guy was such a Noble mixture of pups??  Way to go Warrington!!!! 

Doesn't he just LOOK regal????

One of these days I'm going to have to get Loki's DNA run......but I'm betting he's part Jackass instead of Mastiff!!  (Yes kiddies, we've had a few run-ins!  Loki is the MOST stubborn, bull headed little shit to ever walk the face of the earth!!)

Anyway.....I'm glad to be back and I hope y'all are glad to see me!  I promise it won't be months and months before my next post!!  It may be days....could even be a week, but NOT months!!

Hope to see y'all creeping and peeping at my blog from time to time!

Have a wonderful night!!