Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm back........

Well, I've been gone for a few days. So sorry!!

Things around here just suck!! I'm homeless as of the 5th of Aug....don't know what I'm going to do, I don't have any mode of transportation, and I don't have anyone around here to stay with....I don't have any idea of where to go or what to do. I'm just in a mess!!

But....life goes on and so do I. Seems like I have to go through shit to get to the sunny side of life. Maybe this is the last patch of crap for a while!

My little fur-demons are being the same little idiots as ever!! Last night they decided that the couch, where I was sleeping, was the perfect place to have as the high, tight turn in the latest Kitty 500!! After about 20 minutes of being ran over, jumped on and basically kept from sleeping, I went ballistic!! Grabbed the spray bottle and went to war!!

In the end it was wet kitties, and one sleepy, slightly pissed off and deranged woman trying to get back to sleep. But of course the pups were up and about, they thought it was all a game that I made up just for them!! Run, jump....screeching cat....run, jump.....screeching cat....well, you get the idea! Anyway....about 4:30 I finally got back to sleep. And here it is, not quite 9 am and I'm awake again....I tell ya, it's like having a newborn, only it's a newborn that can run, jump, scream, has pointy teeth and nails and likes to use you has a trampoline!!

Well, enough of that!! Here's some pictures that I took the last few days.....enjoy!

Here's a picture of one of the many storms we've had lately moving in....this is just before it started to rain:

This is sunset that evening:

Here is this awesome place that a friend of mine showed me. It's a cellar house built into the hillside...actually under a rock cliff and next to a cave that goes under the road. Here's a picture of my friend standing in front of the cellar:

Here is a closer picture of the cellar:

Here is a close up of the stone work. These are natural stone that has been "cut" by local folks. This place has probably been there for about 100 years or so.

Here is a picture of me in front of the cave next to the cellar:

Here's a picture of the inside of the cave:

While we were out running around, we came upon a old building. It is made of split-rails that have been notched. Here is the corner of that building:

So that's about it. No funny stories, no sunrise pictures....just a few photos of what I've been doing and where I've been.

Have a good day everyone!!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good Morning!!

Good Morning!! No sunrise pictures today because the sunrise consisted of contrasting blue-grays and grays. It’s a balmy 73 degrees in Calhoun County WV and the humidity is, oh, about 200%!! The Fur-Demons are even damp!! You walk outside and it feels like you’re walking through pudding. (Not that I really know what that feels like, but I can imagine!)

Hopefully it will rain today. Maybe that will cool the tempers around here. It seemed like everyone had one crossways yesterday. People saying that they’re going to do one thing and then doing another AND then griping at me like it’s all MY fault!! Or else making plans to do something and then someone whines and cries so they don’t have to do whatever-it-was that the plans were. Are you confused yet?? What I’m trying to say is that it seemed as though every person I talked to were in a pissy mood because things just weren’t going their way.

Believe me I can relate!! Even when things seem to be going my way, BAM a right hook out of the blue to knock me on my ass again! But these days my ass seems to be made of the same stuff SUPER BALLS are made of, because I keep bouncing back! (I am getting a little motion sick though.)

I hope that it all straightens out soon. I’m going to be homeless and I don’t think I can carry all my stuff on my back. Besides, there’s not room for everything under the Big Root Bridge. (That’s a reference to the Trolls in Billy Goat Gruff, just in case you’re confused.)

Ah well. Life goes on…and on…and on…and on….. But you get the picture.

Now for the latest in the Trials and Tribulations of Teri’s Fur-Demons!!

Last night, or actually this morning, the newest little Demon decided to see if he could get to the top of a stack of boxes. Well, it sounded like a good idea at the time, but boy, if only he could have foreseen the outcome!

You see, I have boxes stacked everywhere, I’m packing little by little and trying to get ready for whatever the future is going to bring. So, Little-Mister-Homeless-Kitten decides that the top of this stack of boxes is the place he needs to be, so, he gets a running start and scales these boxes like a line repair man scales a pole. The only problem is the top box is open!!

Up, up, up and BLAM, into the open box where he commences to squawk and cry and bounce around. All this bouncing around results in “The Great Fall and Resulting Unplanned Unpacking Of Four Moving Boxes”.

Sounds like an epic movie, doesn’t it?

So, the Kitten is screaming and trying to get out of a box that is setting on top of four other boxes, he jumping and bouncing around, when suddenly…CRASH, down comes the box, only it falls backward and wedges against the wall. The Kitten continues to jump around and everything starts to go downhill. The rest of the boxes tip, the kitten falls to the floor, followed by a box of Dog Toys and a box of Teri’s Stuffed Toys which burst open on impact and scatter to the four winds.(Notice, Teri’s Stuffed Toys are NOT dog toys!!)

The kitten darts off to repair his pride, the dogs bounce in and grab as many toys (dog and stuffed) as they can stuff into their little drooling mouths, and take off for parts unknown. So now I have toys everywhere, and my favorite stuffed bear covered in dog slobber and being chewed on under the bed!!

I grab the bear, do the tug-of-war thing with the dog, step backwards and step on a cat. The bear tears in half, the cat slaps my ankle and bites me on the heel of the foot and I promptly fall on my ass!! (you can stop laughing now, it’s really not THAT funny)

Laying there on the floor, looking up at the ceiling and wondering why this stuff always happens to me, I become a target for bouncing dogs and pissed-off cats. The dogs use me for a trampoline and the cats flick their tails and stroll off to destroy something else. Fighting off the dogs, I get up, look at the destroyed teddy, chase everyone out, close the door and walk away!

After cleaning up the blood streaming down my leg, putting anti-biotic ointment on the bite and slash marks, I lay down on the couch and close my eyes praying for that sweet oblivion that some know as sleep.

And the phone rings……

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hi everyone!! I've been busy, busy, busy, but I've also been a bad girl! I went to do laundry and somehow or other I got side-tracked and went 4-wheeler riding!! LOL Took bunches of pictures, so tonight there will be no bitching about the Fur-Demons, or neighbors or anything else....JUST PICTURES!! LOL

Here ya go!






SUNSET JULY 15, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Good Morning!

GOOD MORNING! The sun is up and the birds are singing. It’s a “balmy” 50 degrees here in West Virginia and I’m very much awake! It's just after 6:30 in the A.M. and I've been up for hours. Right now I have the kettle on and the water getting hot for my first cup of tea for the day!! (Yeah, I've been drinking water since I got up, but I'm done with that!)

The little Fur-Demons on the porch had a good night, well, after I chased the Tom Cat that was terrorizing them away they had a good night. They only woke me up once, and that was when they knocked over the fishing rods that ONCE stood by the door. (Now they are lying on the porch in a tangled knot) Anyway, I’ve given them their morning food and fresh water and they were out in the yard chasing anything that moves.

Last night I had them inside for a little while and I’ve re-discovered something about kittens. They THINK they are capable of attacking (and winning) anything. My dogs were falling down laughing, if you have dogs you know what I mean, rolling around and scooting themselves on their sides trying to get the kittens all the while dragging their tongues across the carpet. And the older cats were giving the kittens “that” look, you know the one, “I was here first and if I must put up with you there will be trouble.” The old Goddess Kitty, Pattykat, actually refused to look at me until the kittens were back outside. Then she and the other Fur-Demons began the punishment….boxes were knocked over, shoes were scattered and ankles were bloodied. And of course they were my boxes, my shoes and my ankles. By the time I retired for the night I had threatened to kill every kitty present and start over with new ones.

The cats laughed at me.

Here’s this morning’s sunrise:

Monday, July 13, 2009

Boy.....I'm losing it.....

Well, for the second day in a row I haven't posted my morning pictures or anything!!

Sorry, but real life intruded on my cyber life and made things just a little bit confusing!!

But, I’m back now, so everything’s good!!

I wasn’t home for a while today…..big news for little Miss “I’m Always Here” isn’t it?? Anyway, I was out and about for a couple of hours and I figured something out while I was in the BIG TOWN of GRANTSVILLE.

What I figured out is that more people around here need a hobby!! And by a Hobby I mean something constructive to do for fun. You see, there are wayyyyy too many people around here that have nothing better to do than sit around and watch what everyone else is doing, and make up stories or else bitch about it. By that I mean, say person A sees you in town with a male friend, by the time you leave Grantsville, person B,C,D, and E are all spreading the rumor that you’re sleeping with you male friend and his wife is filing for divorce. None of it’s true, but try and prove that to the Great Hobby-less Masses of Grantsville, West Virginia!

That’s not all I figured out, but the rest is a SECRET of MONUMENTAL design and can’t be shared with people I don’t personally know!! (figure that one out!)

Here's a picture of the Hummingbird that visits my friend's porch every day! He's awful cute, but he's a mean little shit!! He wants to attack you everytime you come in or out of the door! Courage has nothing to do with size!

Now, for my last little tidbit of news. The Powers That Be decided that I didn't have enough Fur-Demons running around here, so They arranged for three more little Fur Demons to be dropped of here. Now these cute little bundles of fur seem innocent enough, but already they have attacked my Jack Russell, knocked over two of the house plants on my porch and made more noise than a bucket full of glass and screws in an industrial mixer!

I'm looking for homes for these little Demons, so if anyone is interested, I'm sure we can manage to get one of them to you alive! (bad joke)

Well, I'm out!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

No morning post this morning......I must be slipping

Sorry about not posting this morning…but there really wasn’t anything rattling around in my head. But that has since changed, LUCKY YOU! LOL

Is anybody else sick of hearing about Michael Jackson? I mean, I know he was an “icon” and all, and yes, he did add to the music industry. BUT, he was also a very disturbed man and he had no problem letting us know just HOW disturbed he was. Now he’s dead, and he’s back in the spotlight. LET THE MAN BE ALREADY!

Every time I watch the news, or read a paper, or look at the new online, it’s MICHAEL JACKSON this and MICHAEL JACKSON that. He’s more in the news now than when he was accused of molesting boys. WHY IS THAT? Shouldn’t that have been front-page news for weeks instead of his death? I would rather know whom the pedophile is than when he died. (Apologies to all of you that didn’t believe that he had ever done anything “like that”, but I look at it like this, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice….) He’s dead, let him Rest In Peace.

Enough of that…..I’m sick to death of hearing about him and here I am putting more stuff on the internet about him. I’m done!

The “fur-demons” were good last night. I’m afraid that Satan is pulling on his long-johns right now!! I’m sure that I’m in for a good one tonight, it’s against nature for them to be good two nights in a row! Right now Cyrano is sitting on the arm of the love seat, his eyes half open trying to fool me into believing that he is “cat-napping”. In reality he’s planning his next assault on my mental state. I’m sure he has some evil mental picture of my reaction to his next stunt. I wonder what he’s going to do.

Maybe rub his face on mine while I’m asleep, after he smears my lost lip-gloss across his chin.

Or perhaps he’s going to shred one of my canvas tennis shoes.

Or figure out how to open my underwear drawer and see how many pairs of silk undies he can destroy.

Or just shed his yellow and white hair all over my black tank tops.

Whatever it is that he’s planning, I’ll be ready. I’m determined to catch him BEFORE he hides my camera!!!

Today’s picture:

For those of you that don't know, this is a picture of Queen Anne's Lace. You can tell that it's Queen Anne's Lace instead of poison Hemlock. It's really easy, Queen Anne's Lace has a small purple spot in the center, we call it the Queen's Blood, if it doesn't have the spot, it's NOT Queen Anne's Lace.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning!!

Well, it's a "balmy" 69 degrees in Calhoun County WV this morning!! The sun ISN'T shining, as we have clouds, clouds, and clouds!! We're supposed to have thunderstorms today, and from the looks of things, I believe it!

Here's this morning's picture:

The Moon is continuing Her slow skid toward the dark. But, I managed to get several pictures of Her this morning (once the clouds cleared). Here is one that I really like:

As you may, or may not, be able to tell, I'm really getting into Photography. I don't have any "special" camera, just a Kodak Easy Share Z8612 IS. It's a simple camera with self-focusing, image stabilization and auto zoom. BUT, it also has a manual mode that you can play around with if you so desire. Most of the pictures I have posted have been taken in either the MANUAL mode or the SUNRISE mode. I also take some ISO picture (low light) now and then.

I would love to actually have a SLR camera, but that's not possible at this point in time. Maybe "someday". LOL

So, now on to the latest adventures of "Teri's Fur-demons" aka cats.

This morning at exactly 4:58, a time of the morning when even the birds aren't sure what to do, the "Fur-demons" materialized from whatever deep, dark place in which they reside during the day and began to destroy all that is good and right. In other words, the cats began to run, jump and pounce on me, the dogs, each other, and anything else that moved….and a lot of things that didn’t.

Within ten minutes, the trash was knocked over, my shoes where divided and in two separate rooms, my purse was empty with the contents spread…well, who knows where (I still haven’t found one of my pens and a lip gloss…..and of course it’s my favorite lip gloss), and not one, but two windows are now bare of their blinds. So, my day will consist of picking up trash (and perhaps nailing the trash can to the floor with BIG spikes), finding my shoes and reunite them with one another (and listening to all the little shoe sobs that will echo down the hall), move every piece of furniture in the house until I find the lip gloss (and the Gods only know what else), try to fix the blinds (notice I did say TRY) and last but not least, arrange for an exorcism for my cats!

Blessings all!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Good Morning My Pretties

Good Morning My Pretties!! Hope your day is going well.

It's a chilly 59 degrees in old sunny Calhoun this morning. But the sky is clear, the birds are singing and the sun has risen, so it's going to be a good day!!

Here's this morning's sunrise:

As you can see it looks to be a beautiful day today!! While I was out tramping around to get my morning picture, the moon was still out. So I got the most AMAZING moon photo I have ever gotten. Here it is:

Isn't that cool??

I'm going to be packing some more things today. I'm already living out of boxes, but I've got some more that needs to be packed and some that needs to be re-packed, so that's the plan for today. Hopefully I'll get to do something more interesting on Saturday, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Oh yeah, I wanted to give y'all a cat update. A few post ago I said something about them turning into maniacs and knocking stuff over, well, do I have a story for you!

Last night the little demons were actually being quiet for once. Two of them were sprawled on the floor, fast asleep and the oldest one, Patty, was laying on the arm of the couch (well, actually, draped over the arm of the couch) which is her favorite place. I had my headphones on and was jamming to some music (Jack Johnson) when suddenly Patty tumbled down and landed on the floor with a resounding boom. The other two cats jumped straight (well, almost) up and slammed into each other in mid-air. When they hit the ground they just sat there staring at each other instead of the usually "Oh-my-Gods-something-is-going-to-get-us-we-have-to-run" act. I sat there laughing my ass off, and to make it even worse, Patty sauntered over and slapped both of them like it was all their fault!!

Don't ya love cats??


It's about time

Well, it's about time to go out and try and get some sunrise pictures. I didn't get to do it yesterday, as I over slept. But I'm awake this morning!! (still)
I do have a couple of picture to share though. I took the first one early Weds morning. It's the full moon through the trees above my yard:

This next picture was taken on the morning of July 8th. It's the sunrise reflecting off of a jet's trail. I thought it was pretty.

This last picture is a panarama of some clouds just as the sun was coming up. It was also taken on the morning of July 8th.

Well, that's about it for the moment. No rant tonight, sorry. Maybe after I get the sunrise pictures.

Who knows?

Night ramblings

I'm just sitting here talking to my youngest son, he's a musician and lives in Ohio. He's getting married in Oct!!! She's a nice girl and I think that they will be very happy!! I'm excited for them!!

Anyway....the haircut sucks!! She literally skined my hair!! NO! NO PICTURES!!
I hate it!! It's only about 1 1/2 inch long. I'VE BEEN SHEARED!!

But enough of that! How is everyone tonight? I'm okay I suppose, just naked from the shoulders up! I still can't believe that I let her do this to my hair!!

Well, it will grow

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday rambling

I'm getting ready to go get all my hair cut off (again)!! It's too damn hot for this stupid frizy shit I have to carry around on my head and shoulders, so I'm heading to the woman with the shears and she's going to skin me!! (not really, but close enough!!)

Maybe if you're good I'll post a picture!


Good Morning

Good Morning folks! (Yes, even though it's still dark outside, it IS morning) After all the excitement of last night, and the multitude of phone calls this morning, I finally got to lay down for a nap around 7:30.......and that nap didn't end until just before 3 am. Didn't mean to sleep that long, but I was wore out and my body must have really needed to rest.

I don't usually sleep like a normal person...but then again, I guess you have to be normal to sleep like a normal person, don't you. Hmmmmm, maybe that's the whole problem.
I always knew I wasn’t “normal”, but I guess the sleep thing is proof.

And speaking of sleep, is anyone else having strange dreams lately? I know I am, and have been for over three months. There are about 18 other people that I’ve talked to about it and they are having bouts of really weird dreams lately too. Seems like everyone is having dreams along the same line, you know, things like death, destruction, shooting someone, the world ending, the wells drying up and/or not being able to save someone they love. I know that there’s probably a rational explanation for this phenomenon, but I’m not rational right now (feel hung-over from all that sleep) and I’m beginning to wonder if maybe the Human Race has a social conscious.

We are destroying everything around us at an alarming rate. The mountains are being toppled to the valley floors, the water is becoming uninhabitable, the air is being filled with poison, and the polar ice is melting. There are species of creature on Mother Earth that have been driven to the edge of extinction, and other species that have been genetically manipulated to the point that they no longer resemble what they once were (example HAIRLESS CATS). We’re being told that Global Warming is going to kill us all, and if it doesn’t, the pollution will. There are diseases that we’ve never before heard of running wild among the human population, and not enough food and water to feed everyone. I think everyone knows that this is happening, but many people are only concerned with themselves and their families, so they don’t care if little Jimmy or little Julie has only had filthy dirty water to drink and hasn’t had a meal in over four days.

Maybe Mother Nature is trying to prod us into doing what we need to do in order to survive. After all, bearing the earth exploding into a thousand fragments, She will be here long after the Human Race is gone, and She will do what She has always done and replant and repopulate Herself. Maybe She is giving us dreams of death and destruction, of pain and sorrow in order to let us know it’s not too late to save ourselves.

Or perhaps it’s all the preservatives and shit in our food.

Or it could just be gas.

Here’s tonight’s picture:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How many of you know what Mountain Top Removal is?

Okay kids, here's a question for you. How many of you know what mountaintop removal is?

Was that a pin I heard drop? Sorry for the sarcasm, but I realize that there are way too many people that have no true concept what mountaintop removal actually is. As a child from a family of Kentucky coal miners, I have a real good, up close and personal idea what mountaintop removal is.

I know that many of you have seen things on television, particularly here lately, that have shown the activists and the Massey Energy supporters. I know there are many opinions about this subject, and I try to respect each and every one of them. BUT - I live here in West Virginia, and I grew up here and lived and played in Kentucky as a child. I have seen what strip mining, and yes kids that is basically what MTR is, does to the land and to the water. I have personally seen the fish bloat and die, the water plants wilt and the rivers and streams fill up with silt.

I have also seen how hard deep miners work for the money they are paid. (yes, I support SOME deep mining operations) I realize that all miners have to work hard, but I also realize that most of the MTR miners don't have a clue as to what actual mining is. It's NOT tearing down the mountains, filling the valleys and destroying the rivers/streams

Here in West Virginia there are many homes and businesses that CAN NOT use the water that comes from their wells because, instead of water, the vile smelling, reddish brown sludge that comes from the taps burns the skin and makes the eyes water - imagine what it would do if consumed.

The heavy metals, such as mercury, that have accumulated in our water systems are unbelievable. And what is even more unbelievable is that the EPA (easy payoff agents) decided that it was unsafe to consume large amounts of fish from those waterways and published a consummation warning.... then they turned around and, because the warning was in place, raised the amount of mercury that places like MASSEY ENERGY could dump (not the word they used) into the waterways.

Are you confused yet? Do you not understand the intelligence behind the whole thing?
Don't feel bad...I don't think anyone that ISN'T getting kickbacks does understand. Opps, did I say kickbacks? Let me rephrase that. I don't believe that anyone that ISN'T a politician (liar, thief, basic asshole) understands. Hmmmm, that still didn't sound PC did it? Well, you get the idea anyway, right?

Now, if you're wondering where this rambling has come from, it's easy. I've been supporting the activists that are standing up to MASSEY and the concept of Mountaintop removal, and I'm sick and tired of seeing those people be portrayed as idiots, idealist or trouble makers.

WAKE UP AMERICA!! We only have so many resources, and we only have so much land....why the hell are we trying to destroy what we have???

Later kids!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Night ramblings

Well, it's almost midnight and I'm sitting here wondering where my little male dog took off to. He hit the door as soon as I opened it and ran like the dickens. Now it'll be an all night job to get him back. (read earlier post...he thinks he's a grizzly bear and wants to fight everything.) I'll walk around outside, call his name and worry until he decides to come home. Then he will be "grounded" by being put into the kennel and not allowed to leave without being on a leash.

I don't know why he does this. It's something that has continued to confuse me since he was about a year old. I know why dogs run, I mean there are a lot of reasons, including a female near by that is in heat. But Loki is fixed....he was fixed so young that I honestly don't believe he had time to lick them, let alone figure out what they were really for.

It's now 9 am and Loki has been in for a while. We had some excitement on the ridge, one of the houses burned to the ground. It took the volunteer fire department over 40 minutes to get to the fire and by then it was too late. Thankfully the man that lives there was out of state, if he had been home he wouldn't have survived.

It makes me thankful to see the morning sun and hear the birds screaming their morning songs.

Here's today's sunrise picture.

Blessings everyone. Stay safe.

Well, well

It's almost noon and for some strange reason, like I can't sleep, I'm still awake!!

A friend of mine came over and picked up the flea dope I had ordered for our dogs. And, being who she is, she gave me more money than she owed and wouldn't take any change. Hmmm, I guess that's how you tell a real friend from one that is a half ass friend. A real friend says "Keep the change" (or Wait, I don't have any change, but I'll get it back to you" and actually do!) and a half ass friend says "Where's my change?" Damn, I'm going to print that on a t-shirt and make a million dollars....all from REAL friends though....the half ass friends are too cheap to buy a t-shirt with something printed on it. They would rather see it somewhere and copy the saying with black magic marker on an old white t-shirt. (you know who you are!)

I think we can all relate to the Real vs Half-ass friend scenario, unless you're one of THOSE people (and you know who you are). Which one of us haven't had one of THOSE people in our life?? I know I've had several....that is until I became wise enough to get rid of them and vow to never have one of them in my life again. (although I admit I've come close to having one of THOSE.....I'm still close, but I'm fighting it!)

What are one of THOSE people, you ask. Well, it's the "friend" that only calls when they need something, never to ask how you're doing or just to say Hey. Those people have cookouts and parties and don't invite you, but if you have one and don't invite them they act as though they are so hurt and angry that they "just can't talk to you right now." Does any of this sound familiar? If it does you know one of "THOSE" people.....or else you ARE one of "THOSE" people. (Okay.....THOSE people to the left, everybody else to the right.)

Okay, enough of Teri's wisdom on friendship. Let's move on to something else.......

It's summer!! EEEEEHAWWW!! Flowers, sunshine, vacation and......bugs, poison ivy and heat rash. Hmmmm, I'm not sure I like the trade off. The good things are really good, and the bad things SUCK! I've been lucky though, not heat rash or poison ivy (yet). No vacation either....being poor is definitely in the SUCKS column. But then again, I haven't had a vacation in about 8 years, so why should this one be any different? I've learned to keep myself entertained (and hopefully entertain a few others along the way).

Now for a picture.....if you haven't noticed I'm picture crazy and I'm not too proud to admit it. Or inflict it on others.....*evil laugh*.

Don't those clouds look close enough to touch? That photo was taken on Rt 33 going toward Ripley, West Virginia on June 22, 2009. Now for the surprise, that photo was taken from the window of a pickup truck going about 55 miles an hour. Damn, I'm good!

Tata for now.....

Good Morning Cyberfolks!!

Hello, hello!!!

Well, it's 6:35 in the AM and I've been up for hours!! Just got back from taking some pictures of the West Virginia sunrise (and fog) and wandered into the kitchen to make me some tea....Gods know I can't function without some type of tea, either hot, cold, flavored or black...tea is tea and TEA IS GOOD!!

Here's this morning picture:

The Folks on the "ridge" are finally getting used to me wondering around just as it's getting daylight. They don't understand why I'm doing it, but they're getting used to it. For those of you that don't know, if you live on the "ridge" you have to get used to stuff a hell of a lot stranger than someone wondering around with a camera at 5:30 in the morning.

Now, I know that a lot of you don't realize where I live. Let me just put it this way, I'm in Northwest Central West Virginia, where the scenery is beautiful and the life can be relaxed, but is usually full of drama (usually other people's drama, but drama is drama).

I wish I could find some place that is this beautiful that doesn't have Meth heads, thieves and idiots, but I wish I could win the lottery too. So much for wishing!

Now that you've gotten through reading all that crap, I guess I'll tell ya a little bit about myself. I'm a mother of four, and grandmother of 8. I have three of the cutest, most spoiled, rotten pain in the butt dogs. There's DeeOhGee (pronounced just like that D-O-G, not dog) She showed up on the porch Thanksgiving Day seven years ago and she's never left. She looks like a terrier mix, but she has the personality of a spoiled lap dog that doesn't want to play fetch. Here's a picture of her:

Then there's Loki. He's a little beagle/something else small mix. He's 5 years old and just as rotten as can be. He weighs about 15 pounds, but he thinks he's a Grizzly Bear. He wants to fight ANY thing that comes into the yard. He doesn't realize that I don't have money to spend on emergency vet bills resulting from his misadventures. He's a silly dog!

Here's a picture of Loki (oh yeah, did I say he is a goofball?):

Then there's Cabela aka Bitty. She's a pure blood Jack Russell Terror. She's almost two years old, and she's the most rotten of the bunch! She's a rabbit (and anything else) chasing, toy stealing, chew hiding ball of shedding fur. She's rotten as they come and I wouldn't take a million dollars for her.

Here's Bitty (just just noticed a rabbit in this picture):

I also have three cats, but I don't have any good pictures of them. They just eat, shit, lay around and shed hair....that is they lay around until about 2 am when they all become raving maniacs that run through the house and knock stuff over while making sounds that would give most folks nightmares. When I get some good pictures of them I'll post em.

Okay enough of that. I'll post something later!