Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Good Morning!

GOOD MORNING! The sun is up and the birds are singing. It’s a “balmy” 50 degrees here in West Virginia and I’m very much awake! It's just after 6:30 in the A.M. and I've been up for hours. Right now I have the kettle on and the water getting hot for my first cup of tea for the day!! (Yeah, I've been drinking water since I got up, but I'm done with that!)

The little Fur-Demons on the porch had a good night, well, after I chased the Tom Cat that was terrorizing them away they had a good night. They only woke me up once, and that was when they knocked over the fishing rods that ONCE stood by the door. (Now they are lying on the porch in a tangled knot) Anyway, I’ve given them their morning food and fresh water and they were out in the yard chasing anything that moves.

Last night I had them inside for a little while and I’ve re-discovered something about kittens. They THINK they are capable of attacking (and winning) anything. My dogs were falling down laughing, if you have dogs you know what I mean, rolling around and scooting themselves on their sides trying to get the kittens all the while dragging their tongues across the carpet. And the older cats were giving the kittens “that” look, you know the one, “I was here first and if I must put up with you there will be trouble.” The old Goddess Kitty, Pattykat, actually refused to look at me until the kittens were back outside. Then she and the other Fur-Demons began the punishment….boxes were knocked over, shoes were scattered and ankles were bloodied. And of course they were my boxes, my shoes and my ankles. By the time I retired for the night I had threatened to kill every kitty present and start over with new ones.

The cats laughed at me.

Here’s this morning’s sunrise:

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