Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How many of you know what Mountain Top Removal is?

Okay kids, here's a question for you. How many of you know what mountaintop removal is?

Was that a pin I heard drop? Sorry for the sarcasm, but I realize that there are way too many people that have no true concept what mountaintop removal actually is. As a child from a family of Kentucky coal miners, I have a real good, up close and personal idea what mountaintop removal is.

I know that many of you have seen things on television, particularly here lately, that have shown the activists and the Massey Energy supporters. I know there are many opinions about this subject, and I try to respect each and every one of them. BUT - I live here in West Virginia, and I grew up here and lived and played in Kentucky as a child. I have seen what strip mining, and yes kids that is basically what MTR is, does to the land and to the water. I have personally seen the fish bloat and die, the water plants wilt and the rivers and streams fill up with silt.

I have also seen how hard deep miners work for the money they are paid. (yes, I support SOME deep mining operations) I realize that all miners have to work hard, but I also realize that most of the MTR miners don't have a clue as to what actual mining is. It's NOT tearing down the mountains, filling the valleys and destroying the rivers/streams

Here in West Virginia there are many homes and businesses that CAN NOT use the water that comes from their wells because, instead of water, the vile smelling, reddish brown sludge that comes from the taps burns the skin and makes the eyes water - imagine what it would do if consumed.

The heavy metals, such as mercury, that have accumulated in our water systems are unbelievable. And what is even more unbelievable is that the EPA (easy payoff agents) decided that it was unsafe to consume large amounts of fish from those waterways and published a consummation warning.... then they turned around and, because the warning was in place, raised the amount of mercury that places like MASSEY ENERGY could dump (not the word they used) into the waterways.

Are you confused yet? Do you not understand the intelligence behind the whole thing?
Don't feel bad...I don't think anyone that ISN'T getting kickbacks does understand. Opps, did I say kickbacks? Let me rephrase that. I don't believe that anyone that ISN'T a politician (liar, thief, basic asshole) understands. Hmmmm, that still didn't sound PC did it? Well, you get the idea anyway, right?

Now, if you're wondering where this rambling has come from, it's easy. I've been supporting the activists that are standing up to MASSEY and the concept of Mountaintop removal, and I'm sick and tired of seeing those people be portrayed as idiots, idealist or trouble makers.

WAKE UP AMERICA!! We only have so many resources, and we only have so much land....why the hell are we trying to destroy what we have???

Later kids!

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