Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thunderstorms and dog blankets.

Yeah, well, as you can see by the title of this post, we've been having thunderstorms! Now, some people enjoy them, I however, HATE them with a passion that boarders on near obsession! Yup, I had a traumatic experience in my childhood and I am permanently scared!!

If there could be lightening without the "big boom" it wouldn't be so bad. Yeah, I know, twisted and stupid. I realize that the lightening is what causes the thunder, but.....well, the thunder brings back a brief flash of the terror I felt many years ago. (Don't ask, I won't go into detail, just let it be known that I was SCARED SHITLESS!! Literally!!)

The rain is nice, I really like the sound of rain on a tin roof, and seeing as how I have a tin roof, it's all cool! LOL But when the thunder rumbles and rages, shaking my little white house in the process, shaking it so badly that the clock on the wall rattles and pictures tilt sideways, well, then I'm not even a fan of the rain. But of course, the thunder drowns out the sound of the rain on the tin roof, but hey, you get the point!

Anyway, onward and upward as they say!

Today was the day to clean the dog kennel. Two of my pups sleep in the kennel box (in the house of course) and it is sometimes really hard to keep it clean and smelling, well, NOT doggy! Today I had to take all the blankets out, there are usually three, and wash them and clean and disinfect the box it's self. So.....on with my story.

I drug all of the blankets to the wash room, filled the washer with plenty of soap and smelly good stuff and ran the blankets through the "nasty" cycle! (you know the one I'm talking about....the oil field, mud bog, 4-wheeler riding, just plain yucky cycle that runs for what seems like an hour) So, after the extremely long wash cycle, I pulled the much better smelling blankets out of the washer and threw them into the dryer. About 1/2 way through the cycle, I checked on the blankets to make sure they weren't tangled up so that all of them would get evenly dried.

That's when the fun began! NOT

One of the blankies (yeah I know, baby-ish) had disintegrated into a mass of, well, there is no other word than fluff! Stuck to all the other blankets....plugging up the dryer vent......flying around in the air when I pulled the remaining blankets out of the dryer FLUFF!! So after cleaning out the vent, shaking out the remaining blankets and sneezing forever, I stuffed the blankets back into the dryer and finished the cycle.

When the dryer was done, the two remaining blankets were clean and dry and smelled wonderful. So.....I finished disinfecting the dog box and put the clean blankets inside. Of course the dogs were interested in what I was doing....they are ALWAYS interested in what I'm doing.....and they began investigating the box as soon as the last blanket was laid down. Emmy, the "socially challenged" pup, routed around in the blankets, messing up my perfectly laid dog bed.....she was obviously looking for "her" blanket, which of course was the one that fall apart!

She drug all of the blankets out of the box and stood in the middle of the floor staring at me like I had done it on purpose!! She refused to go into the box for her "nap" (which is code for Mom needs some time without dogs) until I found a "replacement" blanket. That replacement blanket is one of MY's the only one she would accept as being "nap-worthy". So, needless to say, one of my blankets, a pretty blue flannel one that I picked up at a yard sale a few years ago for a dollar and that I use to cover up with on the couch when I'm chilly and watching tv, is now in the dog box.

But the upside is so are the pups!!! LOL So now is the time for Mom to take a nap or just chill out with a frozen coffee and a good, trashy romance novel! LOL

Later y'all!!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'd growl.....but I'm too tired.....

So, today was,what's the word I'm looking for......ummmmm, interesting perhaps? Yeah, that will work. Today was interesting!

I, along with four other wonderful women, worked the Grantsville Town Election today. And boy, did I get an education!

I would growl and jump up and down and bitch a little bit, but I'm just too damn tired! After being locked in a room with four other smokers for 15 hours or so.....yes being held prisoner in a room and not being allowed to leave even to smoke.....I actually have no words to describe exactly how I feel!

Tired don't begin to cover it. Confused, well yes a bit. Wired, most certainly. Really dazed at seeing a side of some people that I would never have guessed existed.....OH YEAH!

I said I had received an education......MOST CERTAINLY!! For one thing I learned that it is NOT a good idea to keep five smokers away from nicotine for 15 hours!! Not only is it not a good idea, it is potentially dangerous!

Spending hours in a room without television or radio or any other form of entertainment is torture! I never realized how "plugged in" I actually am until today!

I also learned that people in this area take their constitutional right to vote VERY SERIOUSLY! I was/am proud to belong to such a wonderful community, county, state and country! VOTING IS SERIOUS BUSINESS AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH!

I also learned that some people are just spiteful and so full of themselves that there is literally no room left for them to officially be full of shit! (Sorry, had to say it!)

Most importantly I learned that I believe in the power of voters to make their voices heard in a very real, very encouraging way. It was/is a wonderful experience to be able to witness the willingness of our citizens to make changes when they deem that such changes need to be made!

I'm proud of the citizens of Grantsville for coming to the polls in such a large number. The fact that we had such a large turnout for the election speaks volumes. This town has shown one another that when we, the citizens, decide that something needs to be done IT WILL BE DONE!!

A big, warm and very proud THANK YOU to all of the voters who came to the polls today and to the ones who participated in early and/or absentee voting! Each of you have shown a loyalty to your town and a heart-felt desire to make necessary changes to the way we are governed! Give yourselves a big pat on the back because, as the saying goes......YOU DONE GOOD!!

Besides being educated on the ins and outs of elections, I have also learned a few things about myself. The most important one being that I enjoy being active in the community and I plan on continuing to do so! (yeah, at me later, right now I'm too tired to really respond or even care!)

So, until we have another cyber rendezvous, God bless and keep you all!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Well hell

Hi y'all.

All I can say is Well, hell!

I was done with this stupid blog.....I really don't think that many people read it, and it is more time consuming than most people realize. But, after talking to several people and receiving comments and emails, I have decided that I'm going to continue posting, although they may be few and far between. So, no promises as to how many post will be up or how often they will be up, the only promise is that I WILL post when I can.

So, I'm working on this book, as most of you may know, and sometimes I get, well, stressed doesn't begin to cover it so let's go with CRAZED!! I'm at an impasse with the story line right now, and it's driving me there are a few other things with the story that I'm not pleased with...but I'm working on it. Add to that the everyday shit that we all have to put up with and the fact that there are several people that have really hurt and/or angered me in the last week or so and what you are left with is an insane woman that can't seem to do anything right. Like right now....I should be asleep because I have to get up in just over 4 hours....but, because of stuff I would rather not be dealing with, I am wide awake, stressing out and alternately cussing like a sailor or crying like a colicky baby.

Now, under usual circumstances I would rant and rave in this post, telling the world who/what/why I was pissed off/sad/hurt.....but this time I just can't. There is too much at stake for people other than myself for me to open my mouth and spew forth all the tangled emotions that are foaming like a raging tide inside of me. So, for the sake of others more than for my own sake, I will keep all of this shit locked up and try to be a decent person regardless of how I really feel.

Confused yet?

Don't feel like the lone ranger, because it's happening to me and I'm so freaking confused I just want to hide from everyone for the next year or two!

Enough of that shit!

I want to say THANK YOU to those of you that had nice things to say and to thank each of you for your loyalty and friendship! It means more than I have ever expressed and I can't thank you enough!! Especially Boone, Sandy, Esther and Beth. Thank you guys for the encouraging words and the smiley faces!

Since you didn't want me to quit, I haven' you just have to put up with me! As the famous saying goes, "I pity the fool".........


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lack of interest

Because of lack of interest in this blog, I have decided to leave it be for a while. No more new posts, no more Wordless Wednesdays. Maybe at some point in the future I will begin posting again, but right now it seems pointless.

For the very few of you that noticed the last Wordless Wednesday photo, here is the original.

Thanks to those of you who have read this. I really hope I managed to entertain you at least every once in a while.

If there is ever any interest shown in these hard written pages, I will begin to post again.

Until then, this is goodbye.