Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'd growl.....but I'm too tired.....

So, today was,what's the word I'm looking for......ummmmm, interesting perhaps? Yeah, that will work. Today was interesting!

I, along with four other wonderful women, worked the Grantsville Town Election today. And boy, did I get an education!

I would growl and jump up and down and bitch a little bit, but I'm just too damn tired! After being locked in a room with four other smokers for 15 hours or so.....yes being held prisoner in a room and not being allowed to leave even to smoke.....I actually have no words to describe exactly how I feel!

Tired don't begin to cover it. Confused, well yes a bit. Wired, most certainly. Really dazed at seeing a side of some people that I would never have guessed existed.....OH YEAH!

I said I had received an education......MOST CERTAINLY!! For one thing I learned that it is NOT a good idea to keep five smokers away from nicotine for 15 hours!! Not only is it not a good idea, it is potentially dangerous!

Spending hours in a room without television or radio or any other form of entertainment is torture! I never realized how "plugged in" I actually am until today!

I also learned that people in this area take their constitutional right to vote VERY SERIOUSLY! I was/am proud to belong to such a wonderful community, county, state and country! VOTING IS SERIOUS BUSINESS AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH!

I also learned that some people are just spiteful and so full of themselves that there is literally no room left for them to officially be full of shit! (Sorry, had to say it!)

Most importantly I learned that I believe in the power of voters to make their voices heard in a very real, very encouraging way. It was/is a wonderful experience to be able to witness the willingness of our citizens to make changes when they deem that such changes need to be made!

I'm proud of the citizens of Grantsville for coming to the polls in such a large number. The fact that we had such a large turnout for the election speaks volumes. This town has shown one another that when we, the citizens, decide that something needs to be done IT WILL BE DONE!!

A big, warm and very proud THANK YOU to all of the voters who came to the polls today and to the ones who participated in early and/or absentee voting! Each of you have shown a loyalty to your town and a heart-felt desire to make necessary changes to the way we are governed! Give yourselves a big pat on the back because, as the saying goes......YOU DONE GOOD!!

Besides being educated on the ins and outs of elections, I have also learned a few things about myself. The most important one being that I enjoy being active in the community and I plan on continuing to do so! (yeah, at me later, right now I'm too tired to really respond or even care!)

So, until we have another cyber rendezvous, God bless and keep you all!



DICKIE ASH said...

are you going to get naked now

Anonymous said...

Bethany said, "Sounds like this was a good learning experience for you!! I enjoyed this blog, and hope you continue ones like this!"