Monday, September 28, 2009

Good morning and a recap of yesterday!

Yesterday morning, as I sat on my front porch enjoying a cup f hot tea, my neighbor asked me if I would like to take a little trip with her and  her daughter.  I asked where they were going, and she told me that they were going to Braxton County to the farm where she was raised.

Well, having been stuck at home for a while, and being bored out of my mind, I decided to go along.  I'm glad that I did!

We traveled south along Rt. 16, heading into the depths of Calhoun County.  Turning off onto a narrow two-lane road (not that ALL of Calhoun's roads aren't narrow, but not all of them are two lane) we preceded across the county line.  After a while we turned onto a gravel road that seemed to climb into the clouds.

There, sitting on a blanket of emerald, was a nice new double wide home.  The old home place had burned a few years back, so they moved in a double wide.  From the front yard you could see for miles and miles around you.  Standing there and looking at the scenery, I kne that if I had the opportunity to live there, I would never leave. 

After visiting for a while with her brother and his wife, we walked to the old barn.  A hay rake and other equipment that is needed to cut, dry and bale hay, stood outside, looking as if dreading the approaching winter as much as I do.  Inside the barn were treasures that I still want to photograph.  The sun sneaking in between the slats that make up the side wall hidghlighted the dust motes as my friend packed up so loose hay to take  home for the dogs boxes.  It was heaven!!

The family cemetery lies on a knoll behind the barn.  Like many of the early residents of this area, her great grandfather, grandfather and father never wanted to leave the land they so loved.  So they rest in the heart of the land where once they toiled so hard.

After loading the hay, we walked out into the meadow across from the house.  Sandy pointed out different "hill" tops and told me where they were.  We stood there looking at hills in three different counties!!  It was one of the most beautiful sights I have seen.

A long horned cow, yes, cow not steer, watched us as we headed back to the car.  She didn't seem to know what to make of me as I snapped several photos of her standing proudly in the field.  (Don't ask what she's doing in the second pictures, if you don't know I'm not about to tell you other than to say that she's "voicing" her opinion of us being on "her" property!)

After leaving the farm, we drove back to Calhoun County, taking a different route as Sandy "Never likes to go the same way twice".  Finally back on Rt. 16, we headed toward Grantsville, stopping along the way to take a few pictures of some interesting sites (well, interesting to me that is).

We took a side road to stop and visit the grave of Mike Fink and an Unknown Indian.  It's an interesting spot and difinitely photo-worthy!

After visiting Mike Fink's grave, we crossed an old metal and wooden bridge to a cemetery that stands on a small rise.  Walking through that cemetery, we found some amazing gravestones; some with carvings that are so beautiful that they should be gracing the walls of some up-scale boutique.

At the back fence of this cemetery, we came to a marker that I found really interesting.  

Then we came to this grave. It’s plain, and is tilting a little. There’s nothing spectaclor about the tombstone. But as you look at the dates, and at the plain inscription, you begin to wonder, or at least I began to wonder.  


Coming home, I did a bit of research, and this is what I discovered. The 14th Virginia Calvary fought in many battles, but the two most noted were the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1 –3, 1863 and The Final Charge At Appomattox”, April 19, 1865. It amazes me that this man, lived through such historic battles, witnessed the rise and fall of the South and came home to live a quiet life in the rolling hills that now hold his mortal remains. There is much history in these hills and hollers, more history than is apparent to the causal observer.

For more information on the 14th Virginia Calvary, please follow this link:

We once again headed toward Grantsville, stopping at a cemetery that I have been told about many times.  There are pre-Civil War graves there, but my camera was dead and I had no extra batteries with me, so I have no pictures.  But, we are planning to go back soon, so expect some soon.

We arrived home and I came in to save my pictures and play around with them a little.  Here are my results.

All in all it was a good day!!

Now, on to other things.  John has the flu!!  I'm staying away from him, and he's staying away from everyone else!!  Hopefully this will pass quickly and he can once again step onto the road to recovery.  He's been through a really rough patch this month, and I know he's looking forward to Sept. being over with.  Keep him in your thoughts and prayers, he needs them.

Well everyone, I'm off to do other things now!!  Have a good day!!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Love/hate relationship

I have a love/hate relationship with rain. Let's you know how truly disturbed I am, doesn't it??

But really, I love to walk in the rain....that is I love to walk in a light rain when the temperature is over 65. I love the sound of rain on the tin roof of my house. I love the way the earth smells after a good rain.

But.....I HATE mud!!! I hate the way I'm stuck inside when it's cold and wet out. I hate that the rain on the tin roof (a sound that is on my top ten list) makes me so tired that I can't function. I hate the way I feel when I'm so tired and sleepy but restless at the same time each and every time it rains for days.

I know that it's getting to be that time of year when we will either have rain or snow (and I DO prefer the rain), but being boogered up with one hand makes it difficult for me to do anything productive. Hell, I haven't even taken my shower yet. (although I suppose I could step outside with a bar of soap and a scrubbier) I have, however, looked at patterns online, tried to draw out a few of my own and tried to post to my blog. (typing one handed makes it really slow going though)

Other than about the rain, the only other thing I have to say is that John has the flu (I don't, I'm staying away from him) and we still haven't gotten any reports back as far as all the testing the Drs have been doing. I'll let everyone know when we do.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good EARLY, early morning!!

Good Morning!!! Yes, 3:32 am IS the morning, but for me it's still night as I haven't been asleep yet!

About 5 hours ago I sent an email to my FAVORITE yahoo group, Primitive Thymes, telling them about my day (long) and showing off my latest project (cute, and yes, you will see it here as well) and said "I'm going to post to my blog, have a glass of wine and then the sweet oblivion that is sleep." Yeah, right. I just had to read ONE more email, didn't I???

One of my online friends, you know who you are, sent me an email consisting of a link to a crafting site. Just a link, no "hey, how are you" or "Haven't heard from you in a while". This link took me to a site that has HUNDREDS of links to different crafting projects and patterns!! (stop grinning) And of course I had to start here it is, 3:30 in the morning and I still haven't had that glass of wine or that much needed sleep! (you can stop laughing now, you KNEW what would happen when you sent me that email!!!) I'm beginning to think this "friend" isn't a friend after all, I'm beginning to think she's a sadistic individual that only wants to see how long I'll click on "just one more link". I may never speak to her again. (okay, so you know that's BS, but I feel better for saying it!!!)

Anyway, the only thing I really have to say about my 5 hour trip into crafter heaven (or is that hell??) is "I'm so glad I DON'T knit!!!" (If I did I would STILL be following links!) I now have enough projects in mind that even if I did 10 a day every day the rest of my life I'd have to live to be 120 before I finished them all!!!

But enough of that, I really don't have an excuse for still being awake other than I'm addicted to ALL kinds of crafting and can't help myself! (I've been saying that I need an intervention, but none of you will come across with a place that can help me!!)

Now, for those of you that don't know, John is doing better. He still has some tests and things to have done, but he's not as confused, nor is he exhibiting any other signs of a stroke. I couldn't be more thankful for anything!! Keep those candles lit for him and please remember to mention him in your prayers.

Okay, I said that you'd see my latest those of you that are insanely bored by my rambling have permission to leave now, the rest of you, follow me.

Shelia, one of the women in the Primitive Thymes group, sent me several patterns last week. I was looking for a Prim mouse pattern that I could alter a little bit to fit this concept that I had floating around in that black hole which is my imagination. (NO, she's NOT the one that sent the dreaded afore mentioned link) One pattern in particular was ALMOST perfect. The Spice Mice pattern she sent was the basis of what you are about to see. I changed the size a little, and didn't do the arms and things the way the pattern instructed, but basically it's that pattern.

Introducing, Mousey, my Prim mouse (she's standing in front of the witch's hat that I made for a table decoration, although it's not quite finished yet):

Here's another picture of her sitting on my couch. The only reason I'm posting this picture is that I want to show off my quilt that I picked up at a garage sale for $1.00!!

Mousey is almost 3 1/2 inches tall. (The witch's hat is not quite 9 inches tall and will have a ring of small fall leaves around the center of the upright the seasons change the decorations on the hat will change.) She is made of muslin and is stuffed with cotton fiber. After I stuffed her, I covered her in a mixture of Elmer's glue and water (about 3 to 1) and rolled her in cinnamon. Before she was totally dried, I positioned her ears the way I wanted them. After she dried she was once again glued and rolled. I repeated this a total of 3 times, after the last glue/cinnamon I painted her with the glue mixture and let it dry. The result is that she has a "crust" of cinnamon that makes her quite hard.

After she had dried, I had thought to put white whiskers (which were run through the glue mixture then through her "nose" and then the whiskers were seperated and placed before they dried), black seed bead "eyes" and a little pink satin stitched "nose". But, after I got her whiskers in place I decided that I liked her without the eyes and nose.

Her arms are rusty safety pins, and her feet are small rusty nails. She has a long rusty wire tail and she will have a small basket wired to her hands. I LOVE the way she turned out and, as I type this, she has three "siblings" that are in the process of drying and several more that are in the process of being "born" (varying stages of being cut out, sewn and stuffed). I like this one so much that soon my house will be over-run with mice. Not that it will make any difference to my cats, neither of them will lower themselves to kill a mouse, so I know THEY won't bother them.

Well kids, I really am going to go to bed now. I have to be up in just a couple of hours, so I've got to.

Here I go, clicking my heels and repeating "I will NOT click on another link, I will NOT click on another link".

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good Morning, Good Morning!

Good morning!! It's a balmy 57 degrees in ole Calhoun County and the humidity is 86%!! The pollen count is 4.9, which is medium, for ragweed, sage/sagebrush and nettle!! (Will the ragweed NEVER stop pollinating??)

Today is the main attraction day of the Calhoun Park Three Day's to commemorate the Battle of Sycamore, there will be a re-enactment, as well as Bluegrass music, a flea market, craft booths, food, food and food, games for the kids, a petting zoo and many other things!! Yes, kiddies, I AM going!! And there WILL be pictures to follow!!

But, before all that excitement, I need to tell y'all about my latest Fur-demon adventure. For those of you that have read my blog before, you know that I have had various and sunder Fur-demon adventures, but they have been quiet lately. Meaning that they are planning a really good one to play on Mom.

Yesterday Pattywacker went missing. I looked all over for him and could not find him, although I kept hearing a faint Meow from time to time. I looked under the bed, in the shower, in the closet, even outside.....still no Pattywacker. Finally I gave up and sat down on the couch when, low and behold, there was Pattywacker.........on top of the fridge!!!!

Now, in my kitchen there is NOTHING that a half grown kitten can climb to reach the top of a refrigerator, no cabinets, no tables, absolutely NOTHING. So, the question arose "How did he get up there???"

As I sat and pondered that question, Pattywacker began to pace back and forth in the limited space that the top of that particular appliance. His voice began to get louder, and then he would look at me and his voice would become soft again. You could almost see the thoughts race around his little brain. Hmmmm, he was thinking, will she be MAD?? Will she be elated to have found me?? Is she going to LEAVE me here???

After about 15 minutes of this, I finally came into the kitchen and got him down. He clung to me like a spider monkey to an organ grinder!! He stayed with me even when I sat him down, his purr so loud that I couldn't hear the stereo. It was ALMOST as though he was grateful, but we all know that CATS don't show GRATITUDE!!

He stayed out of the kitchen most of last night. He'd dash through on the way to the litter box, but mostly he laid on the back of the love-seat with this look of intense concentration on his little furry face.

This morning he sat in front of the sink, staring that glassy eyed stare that all cats are famous for, then he stalked over and SLAPPED THE FRIDGE DOOR and hissed!!! WTF?? Did the fridge grab his as he calmly walked by and set him on top of itself?? Or is he just putting on a good show for the next time I find him there??

I'm not sure. I'm almost afraid to try and figure it out. If my fridge is randomly grabbing animals and placing them where ever it so desires, I'm getting a new fridge. If the cat is putting on a show (which is my thoughts on the matter) then he deserves an Oscar!! Maybe that's my next Oscar for Pattywack!!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Good Morning!!!

Good Morning!!

It's a bright, sunny 61 degrees in Calhoun County with humidity of, are you ready???, 97%!!!! Oh yes, it's one of THOSE days in the hills of ole West Virginia!! The pollen count is 4.8 for ragweed, sage/sagebrush and nettle....oh, joy! But that's not too bad, it's just irritating!!

I had company last night, and I enlisted their help in stuffing some of the prims that I'm trying to get made. This one handed crap is getting to be a real pain, and I don't mean in the hand either!!

But, we did manage to get a few of them stuffed and ready to be closed up and stained and then on their way to the painting, sanding, etc that needs to be done! Gee, wonder what I'm going to be doing today?????

Here is a picture of a black cat wall hanging that I'm working on. She will have a tea stained "apron" that hangs down over her middle that says "Happy Hallows".:

This little guy will be a black cat too.:

I'm trying to make a dove. I've never done one before, so this is a first:

Here's a witch's hat that's not finished yet:

Here's some hearts and stars that I'm making for a friend. The aren't even close to being done:

Here are some ghost, hearts and stars that need to be stuffed:

So you see, I'm going to be a busy bee today!!

But, maybe I'll be back and make y'all laugh!!