Monday, November 30, 2009

Good Morning

Good morning from old Calhoun County!!  It's 45.7 degrees outside.....yes ladies and gentlemen, that means we are having a HEAT WAVE!!  The humidity is 93%, which totally confuses me, seeing as how it's been raining kittens and puppies (which is not as bad as raining cats and dogs) all night and is still raining right now.  So someone please explain to me how the humidity can be 93% when water is actually falling out of the sky.

I'm not feeling so well this morning.  My throat is sore and I've been sniffling and much so that I thought it was my allergies, but now I'm wondering if perhaps I don't have the flu.  Sounds like fun, don't it.  Hopefully I'm NOT infected, but if I am then I am.

So, enough of that.  It's raining, as I said before, and it's so ecky out that I don't want to go outside.  Although I will have to go out at some point, I've got to go to town and the only way I have to go is to walk, so I'm going to be in the rain at some point or another, aren't I?

But anyway, things are about the same, but I don't think that's such a bad thing.  I have had a lot of things on my mind, and none of them are things that I'm willing to talk about here (or anywhere else for the most part).

So are a few pictures of last night's sun set and one of Bitty being, well, just being Bitty.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Good morning, good morning!

Good morning kiddies, if there are any of you out there.  It's a balmy 31 degrees in old Sunny Cal, and there is a humidity level of 96%!!!  Eeeeehawww, that means that once again it's damp and cold.  Don't you just love damp and cold.  But the temperature is suppose to reach the wonderful level of 60 degrees.  So today is going to be clean the house and put plastic on the windows day!!

I need to run the vacuum, to put away my every growing collection of magazines, to dust and to clean every glass surface in the house.  I also need to put away clothes, clean out the fridge, and get the dishes done.  But mainly I need to get the plastic up to the windows.  It's getting cold at night, this house is old and the windows are so good.

Now, it is my intention to get all of this stuff done today.  Or at least the majority of it done.  But you know what they say about the road to Hell being paved with good intentions, right?  What I mean is, the chance of me NOT getting distracted and off track are about the same as the chances of winning the Powerball.  I KNOW something will happen that will defeat my attempt to get my house TOTALLY cleaned.  I know that there are things that will come up and derail my attempt to do "what needs to be done".  And all I can say is So What???

So what if my windows are slightly smeared and not crystal clear?  Will it kill me?  Will it kill any visitors to my home?  No, it will not.  If someone is coming to my house to see my windows, then they can just drive by.  If they are coming to my house to see me, they won't notice the windows.  So, I guess that I have a different outlook on it than most women, but maybe not.  I want my house to be clean, I want things to be perfect, but I realize that there are things in life that are more important than a white glove clean knick-knack shelf.

But, like a trooper, I will get my ass up off this couch, and turn on the music, dig out the vacuum and start picking up the dogs toys.  I'll do my best to get things done, and I won't beat myself up if something gets in the way of my achieving my goal. (You know if something important like a phone call, a great photo opportunity or a good dance song comes on the stereo.)

Anyway, I'm off to do whatever it is that I'm going to do.....and quite honestly, who really knows what that may be??


I am so disappointed.....

I am so seems as though everyone has lost interest in my blog!!  What's wrong, y'all, is every one that busy or am I just that boring??  I realize that I haven't been posting near as much.....but give me a break, I've only got one good hand and it's not easy to type like that.

Okay, enough of that.  I know that several of you, at the very least, have been reading these and try to post a comment and for some reason or another you can't.  Hopefully, I've gotten that little problem figured out.  And I know that I haven't posted as much because, like many of you, Real Life reared his ugly head and is interrupting my "cyber-life", but I am still here and I do enjoy knowing that there are those of you that understand my sense of humor and particularly odd view on some things.  So please, if you read these postings and you enjoy something you've read, or you like any of the pictures I have posted, let me me, leave a comment, tell me when you see me, something, Okay??

So, it's almost 3 in the morning and I'm awake because DeeOhGee, the "poor" little thing that just went through surgery, had the drain tube and then pulled it out, is such a good little thing, she decided that tonight would be the night to get into the trash and empty it ALL over the kitchen!!  The first night that she's been allowed out of "jail" all night and she decides to become a career criminal by breaking one of Mom's "Most Important Laws for being a Spoiled Inside Canine".   Now, for those of you saying "How do you know it was her, it could have been one of the other dogs" or "She says it was that damn yellow cat" or "Are you sure you didn't just knock over the trash on your way to the bathroom?"  I was asleep on the couch, Bitty with her head on my arm, breathing what smelled to wet possum ass breath in my face, and Loki was laying with his head on my feet.  DeeOhGee had been laying with her head on my hip, and she had gotten up....anyway, I heard the trashcan hit the floor.  Yes, both of my little ears heard the trashcan being emptied.  Anyway, I woke up, she looked like "Oh shit, I'm a house shoe" and she ended up in lockup.  (sounds like I'm taking about some horrible career low life that you wouldn't want around if they were human.  But sometimes it almost feels that way....I feel like I'm running an Anthony Correctional Center for dogs!!)  Besides, this last week Loki and Bitty slept with us and DeeOhGee had to be in the crate because she had that drain tube, and during that whole time the trash had NOT been knocked over even once.  I leave her out tonight and what happens?? Landfill on the kitchen floor, that's what happens!!  Yeah, yeah, she's probably pissed off at me because they were out and she wasn't.  I don't believe that because that is putting human personality on a dog, and I don't believe that dogs think the way we do.  Besides, the Dog Whisperer says that's a bad thing to do. 

 That leaves only my argument that she's a guilty dog and deserves to be locked up every night.  So ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the facts prove that the defendant, DeeOhGee Liles, had motive, being upset about being kept in a pen, in the living room where it is warm, with food and water at all times, given treats and taken out for walks and taken care of as well as any child, she had means, her four little paws were covered with coffee grounds and she had opportunity, she  was allowed to sleep on the couch, be made over and given snacks before bed and she snuck around and did something she knew she wasn't suppose to be doing while her poor, tired "Mommy", Teri Liles, lay sleeping on the couch.  I only ask that you find the defendant guilty of the crimes and sentence her to a punishment that befits they crime.

Should have been a prosecuting attorney, shouldn't I?''

Enough of that silliness for now.

So, it's 3 am and I'm awake with no sleep in sight and I start watching tv.  The History Channel has this really cool show on about prehistoric animals.  It's really interesting, but very bad for me to watch because it brings up questions.  It's never good when I have questions, not about things like that.  (Some people may say it's just plan old not good WHENEVER I have questions.)  You see, it's like this, this show says that a Raptor, you know, like Jurassic Park Raptor, was, with the exception of teeth, no different than an angry chicken.  Yes, you heard me correctly....a hungry chicken with teeth.

You see, they are now saying that the Raptor had feathers and were the fore-fathers of today's birds.  I think they might be right.  BUT, it makes me wonder, IF chicken grew to weigh 33 lbs, the average weight of a Raptor according to people that went to school and then traveled all over the world comparing bones that were found in the ground to bones of today's animals, plus DNA and genetics, say, and they had teeth, would they go around eating people??  Is a 33 lb chicken with teeth actually that frightening?  And how big would those eggs be?  Bet I could make on of my three egg omelet's with only one of those eggs.  Would we be eating Raptors for Thanksgiving instead of Turkeys? (Which in turn makes me wonder why people eat Turkey any way, it's only good for the gravy and the crisp skin!)

See, that's what I live with each and every day.  A mind that asks questions that are enough to make me question my own sanity!!

I would try and go to sleep, except PattyWack, the cat we got nurtured so he could stay inside and (hopefully) not spray...or at any rate, lengthen the time that he continues to be an inside kitty, is trying to see how far up the wall he can get.  (Yes, it's my fault.  I gave him the kitty-nip and I allowed him to roll around on the kitchen floor (after I swept up the coffee grounds) and get really, really, kitty stoned.) So, at the moment, sleeping is not an option.  Unless of course I really want a yellow cat fur house shoe.

I think I'll wander off and play some games at Pogo.

Night Y'all.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Sorry I've been gone so long, but things have been really busy and stressful!!  I'll fill y'all in on everything in a few, but first.....

It is a balmy 45 degrees in good old Grantsville this morning.  It is very overcast and the humidity is a smothering 91%, so it’s a really good thing that it’s only 45 isn’t it?  We are suppose to be getting some snow in the near futures, so now I have something even more dreadful than the pain in my hand to look forward to.  How’s that for having something to be thankful for??  (Sorry, the very thought of snow turns me into a raving bitch from hell, I have very, very many things to be thankful for…more on that later)

So, as you may have noticed, I have been MIA for a while.  Sometimes Real Life interrupts all of the things that I enjoy doing online.  Anyway, to run things down for you, here’s what has been going on.

I have been to two different Specialists in Charleston.  One of them did a nerve test, which proved that I DO NOT have Carpel Tunnel, which of course we already knew.  The surgeon wants an MRI, which of course the insurance is yet again denying…this will make the 5th time that they have done so.  Anyway, it’s been almost a month of trying to get a test which cost less than the test they have already run, let alone the amount they spent on Specialist #2’s fee.  If they had allowed the MRI there would have been money saved all around, but NOOOOOOO, that would make sense and that is something that is in short supply these days.  Anyway, I’m just waiting to see what is going to happen next.

I had the “pleasure” of having the flu.  Notice pleasure is in quotes?  Well that’s just my way of letting you know “We are NOT pleased.  (Yes, I realize that I am speaking of myself in the third person, but so what?  I think we all need to think that we are “worthy” from time to time.)  Anyway…I’m better now, but it’s still hanging on like a monkey to a banana tree that is swaying in the wind.  No fever though, not now anyway, so I’ve been allowed back into the Human Race.

We took two of the dogs and the male cat to the vet last week.  DeeOhGee had a tumor growing on her groin and it was huge, so it had to be taken off.  The vet said he would have sent us somewhere else if he had known how complicated it was going to be, but he went ahead and did the surgery and sent the thing off for biopsy. (Which showed that it is NOT cancer.) She was in surgery for an hour and lost a lot of blood, she ended up with a drain tube, which she promptly pulled after 5 days, and she is doing well now.  Cabela, aka Bitty, was spayed, and she’s doing wonderfully.  Both of the girls get their stitches out next week.  While they were there they got their shots updated and their nails done… they are all set.  (well, they are all set AFTER the stitches thing.)

Pattywack went to the vet to be nurtured.  I was secretly hoping that it would calm him down some, but it didn’t.  I was also secretly hoping that it would slow him down some….it didn’t.  He’s as crazy as ever and still driving Pattycat crazy.  He also had his shots updated, and has to go back to get a booster shot next week.  (I believe that there is actually speed in those shots, and that it’s all a conspiracy to drive me crazy!) 






Just to make things even more interesting, while I was trying to get DeeOhGee out of the back of the truck, she managed to get the chain of her leash wrapped around the little finger of my left  hand.  She then managed to jump down out of the truck, pulling every ligament in my pinky.  So I now have my little finger “buddy taped” to my ring finger. Now kiddies, keep in mind that my left hand is the hand that has the damage to the thumb, so now my hand looks (and feels) like a crab claw.  And of course, trying to do things, like type, is almost impossible.

Now, while taking care of animals, trying to do things with a hand that isn’t working too well, let’s just see what we can do to make things “interesting”.  Art got sick…he still is sick.  So now let’s see what that means….we have one dog that has to be kept caged because she has a drainage tube, one dog that has stitches in her belly, one cat that is still totally insane and runs through the house like a wild animal trapped in small space, and one sick man that gets dizzy each and every time he gets up, and a woman that can’t use her left hand very well and is trying to make all right in her little corner of the world.  Now what is the sum total of all of this you ask.  Well I can answer in one word…INSANITY. 

Yes ladies and gentlemen, my home is the Mecca of Insanity!!  Between the dogs, the cat, a sick man and me being a crab, things are crazy around here!!  Not that I’m complaining, although I guess that I am, but there are times in each and every day that I wish that for just one second the cats would quit fighting, the dogs could let themselves out, the man wasn’t ill and I could use all the finger on both hands.  But, wish in one hand and shit in the other and what do you have??  Unfulfilled wished and a hand full of shit, that’s what!  I already have unfulfilled wishes and I definitely DON’T want a hand full of shit, so I guess I can deal.  Right??

And, while all of this was going on, we managed to go to vary and sunder Bluegrass events.  (Can you guess what is coming next?  Can ya?  Can ya???)  Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, we have PICTURES!!!!  Tons and Tons and Tons of pictures!!!  So here’s the deal….browse through them, point and laugh at some of them, and then leave me some comments.  Comment on the pictures or comment on the blog….I don’t care which, just PLEASE leave me some comments so that I KNOW that there is someone out there!!!

AL'S BARN 11-13-2009

LION'S CLUB 11-14-2009

AL'S BARN 11-20-2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

Good Morning!!

Good Morning!!  It's a balmy 39.9 degrees in Ol' Calhoun County this morning, with humidity of 85% and the promise of temperatures around 70 degrees today!!  Now, I'm not one to usually believe promises made by men I don't know (or A LOT of the men I DO know) but this is one promise I want to believe!  70 degrees in November??  Oh yeah, my kind of weather!!

So, on to other things!!  We are home, my home, but we have to go to Charleston today for yet another Dr. appointment.  Hopefully someone will figure out what is going on with my hand so I can get on with my Life!

The fur demons are all okay, although I'm trying to find out which one of those little fuzzy terrors got a paper bag out of the trash.  Yes, I did say that one of them got it out of the trash.  I think it was Pattywack, but he pleads the Fifth and Pattycat just isn't saying anything.  I know it wasn't any of the canines (for a change) because they all piled into the bed and refused to move until 5 a.m. when it was "Mommy, we need to potty.....NOW!"  When I got up to let them out, the paper bag that we had thrown away last night was laying, crumbled and torn, in the middle of the living room floor.  That leads me to believe that either one of the cats are lying (which is really, really easy to believe) or else we have a ghost that just now, after months of us living here, decided to make an appearance!!

Well, I've got to hit the shower....well actually, I have to take a shower.  This house is so old that if I were to hit the shower it would probably collapse and then where would I be?  I need to get my butt into gear and get ready to go!!

I'll be back soon, hopefully with pictures, to lead you on another trip through the dark and twisted hallways of my mind!!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Doctors appointments and other stuff

Well, I'm sitting on the deck, listening to Pandora radio and trying to figure out what is going on with my hand.

I went to the Dr on Friday and got an EMG done on my left hand. The results told me what I already knew, I don't have carpel Tunnel.  So, what do I have?  What is actually wrong with the thumb on my left hand?  Will it get better or is it going to be this way for the rest of my life?  Asking those questions leaves  me feeling like Bill Cosby when he asked his little daughter "Why did you do that?" and she says "I don't know".  In other words I am no closer to an answer now that I was 5 months ago.

I have an appointment in Charleston on Monday with Dr. Ted Jackson.  From everything that I've heard he's one of the best hand specialist around and he'll be able to figure out what's going on.  At least I hope he will.

Anyway, enough of that!!  In case no one noticed, I've been rather busy lately and haven't had time to do the usual blogging things that I do.  I'm not even at my house right now.  I'm at Art's place and I'm using his laptop to post with.  I don't have any pictures to put up today, so I thought I'd sit out here and watch the birds hop around the deck and eat corn.  (Not that listening to my music is something that I enjoy, because it is.  And I enjoy being around Art, but he's watching the WV game and I'm just not that interested in it today, so I thought I would come out here and play around with the laptop!)

Now, this brings us to the subject of Art.  Well, all I will say is that things are wonderful and I'm very, very, very happy (to the point of singing every morning when I get up and laughing at simple things that usually don't move me to laughter).  So, what does all this mean?  Well, it means that I'm going to continue doing what I'm doing, enjoying his company and not asking "why me" too often.  (yeah, I know, it's going to be almost impossible for me to get through a day without asking that question, but at least this time I'm asking "why me" in a positive way, meaning why are things going so well for me, what have I done to deserve it?  It's actually nice to ask it that way instead of "Why does my life suck?") I'm hoping to be around more often after we get this Dr. thing figured out, or should I say after the Dr. gets the thumb thing figured out.  

Until then, stay happy and don't do anything that you're ashamed to tell your grandkids!!!


Monday, November 2, 2009

Yes, I am still alive, thank you all for the concern!

Hello World!!  I'm still alive!!  I know it's been a week and some of you were probably wondering what was going on with me, but I'm here and I'm doing F*I*N*E!!!!!

It's 28 degrees in Old Calhoun this morning, with humidity of 100%.  It's suppose to be around 60 today with a low tonight in the mid 20's.  So it seems as though it will be a really good day!! (Finally)  It's rained at least one day every weekend for over a month now I'm beginning to feel as though I'm living in a rain forest....mostly without the forest part or the heat part......any way.....

Things have gotten interesting in my life, and I've decided that I really, really, REALLY like it that way.  It's so nice to actually look forward to getting up in the mornings and I had forgotten that, but I've been reminded recently how great it is to actually wake up and face the day with all of it's possibilities!!  (Thank you Art!!)

We really enjoyed ourselves this weekend.  We went to Al's Barn, where we also went last Friday.  It's a really difficult place to take pictures because there is a lot of wood in there and it makes the pictures look yellow.  But, being the talented thing that I am (stop laughing) I've found a way to straighten them up. There's also a deck at Al's where people sit and talk and the musicians jam.  It's a really good time!! So here are a few  pictures from Al's Barn, they were taken on Oct. 23, 2009.

This last weekend was Halloween and Al's had a costume party.  Some people went dressed (including me....don't choke!) and some didn't.  Here are a few pictures from the party, it was held on Oct 30, 2009 at Al's Barn.

The following pictures are from my good, good, GOOD friend Esther. Thank you for letting me use them!!

Now, for those of you with a bad heart, please don't look at the next picture.  I don't want to be responsible for anyone falling over dead!  Anyway, here is a picture of me, dressed as a pirate, although someone said that I looked like a Colonial Hooker....but you be the judge!

As you can see, we have a good time at Al's Barn.  Last Saturday, Oct. 24, we went to Dutchman.  It's a different atmosphere, but it's still a really good time.  It's also a real good place to take guess what's next???  Yup, more pictures!  LOL  You can skip this part if you wish.

For those of you who have read this long, rambling, picture filled trip through my dark twisted little mind I have an answer to a question that has been asked more than once.  The answer is, this is a picture of Art.  He is a wonderful man and my life is so very much better with him in it!!!

So anyway, I love y'all and hope you continue to enjoy these walks through the mind of Teri!!