Sunday, November 29, 2009

I am so disappointed.....

I am so seems as though everyone has lost interest in my blog!!  What's wrong, y'all, is every one that busy or am I just that boring??  I realize that I haven't been posting near as much.....but give me a break, I've only got one good hand and it's not easy to type like that.

Okay, enough of that.  I know that several of you, at the very least, have been reading these and try to post a comment and for some reason or another you can't.  Hopefully, I've gotten that little problem figured out.  And I know that I haven't posted as much because, like many of you, Real Life reared his ugly head and is interrupting my "cyber-life", but I am still here and I do enjoy knowing that there are those of you that understand my sense of humor and particularly odd view on some things.  So please, if you read these postings and you enjoy something you've read, or you like any of the pictures I have posted, let me me, leave a comment, tell me when you see me, something, Okay??

So, it's almost 3 in the morning and I'm awake because DeeOhGee, the "poor" little thing that just went through surgery, had the drain tube and then pulled it out, is such a good little thing, she decided that tonight would be the night to get into the trash and empty it ALL over the kitchen!!  The first night that she's been allowed out of "jail" all night and she decides to become a career criminal by breaking one of Mom's "Most Important Laws for being a Spoiled Inside Canine".   Now, for those of you saying "How do you know it was her, it could have been one of the other dogs" or "She says it was that damn yellow cat" or "Are you sure you didn't just knock over the trash on your way to the bathroom?"  I was asleep on the couch, Bitty with her head on my arm, breathing what smelled to wet possum ass breath in my face, and Loki was laying with his head on my feet.  DeeOhGee had been laying with her head on my hip, and she had gotten up....anyway, I heard the trashcan hit the floor.  Yes, both of my little ears heard the trashcan being emptied.  Anyway, I woke up, she looked like "Oh shit, I'm a house shoe" and she ended up in lockup.  (sounds like I'm taking about some horrible career low life that you wouldn't want around if they were human.  But sometimes it almost feels that way....I feel like I'm running an Anthony Correctional Center for dogs!!)  Besides, this last week Loki and Bitty slept with us and DeeOhGee had to be in the crate because she had that drain tube, and during that whole time the trash had NOT been knocked over even once.  I leave her out tonight and what happens?? Landfill on the kitchen floor, that's what happens!!  Yeah, yeah, she's probably pissed off at me because they were out and she wasn't.  I don't believe that because that is putting human personality on a dog, and I don't believe that dogs think the way we do.  Besides, the Dog Whisperer says that's a bad thing to do. 

 That leaves only my argument that she's a guilty dog and deserves to be locked up every night.  So ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the facts prove that the defendant, DeeOhGee Liles, had motive, being upset about being kept in a pen, in the living room where it is warm, with food and water at all times, given treats and taken out for walks and taken care of as well as any child, she had means, her four little paws were covered with coffee grounds and she had opportunity, she  was allowed to sleep on the couch, be made over and given snacks before bed and she snuck around and did something she knew she wasn't suppose to be doing while her poor, tired "Mommy", Teri Liles, lay sleeping on the couch.  I only ask that you find the defendant guilty of the crimes and sentence her to a punishment that befits they crime.

Should have been a prosecuting attorney, shouldn't I?''

Enough of that silliness for now.

So, it's 3 am and I'm awake with no sleep in sight and I start watching tv.  The History Channel has this really cool show on about prehistoric animals.  It's really interesting, but very bad for me to watch because it brings up questions.  It's never good when I have questions, not about things like that.  (Some people may say it's just plan old not good WHENEVER I have questions.)  You see, it's like this, this show says that a Raptor, you know, like Jurassic Park Raptor, was, with the exception of teeth, no different than an angry chicken.  Yes, you heard me correctly....a hungry chicken with teeth.

You see, they are now saying that the Raptor had feathers and were the fore-fathers of today's birds.  I think they might be right.  BUT, it makes me wonder, IF chicken grew to weigh 33 lbs, the average weight of a Raptor according to people that went to school and then traveled all over the world comparing bones that were found in the ground to bones of today's animals, plus DNA and genetics, say, and they had teeth, would they go around eating people??  Is a 33 lb chicken with teeth actually that frightening?  And how big would those eggs be?  Bet I could make on of my three egg omelet's with only one of those eggs.  Would we be eating Raptors for Thanksgiving instead of Turkeys? (Which in turn makes me wonder why people eat Turkey any way, it's only good for the gravy and the crisp skin!)

See, that's what I live with each and every day.  A mind that asks questions that are enough to make me question my own sanity!!

I would try and go to sleep, except PattyWack, the cat we got nurtured so he could stay inside and (hopefully) not spray...or at any rate, lengthen the time that he continues to be an inside kitty, is trying to see how far up the wall he can get.  (Yes, it's my fault.  I gave him the kitty-nip and I allowed him to roll around on the kitchen floor (after I swept up the coffee grounds) and get really, really, kitty stoned.) So, at the moment, sleeping is not an option.  Unless of course I really want a yellow cat fur house shoe.

I think I'll wander off and play some games at Pogo.

Night Y'all.

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