Monday, November 9, 2009

Good Morning!!

Good Morning!!  It's a balmy 39.9 degrees in Ol' Calhoun County this morning, with humidity of 85% and the promise of temperatures around 70 degrees today!!  Now, I'm not one to usually believe promises made by men I don't know (or A LOT of the men I DO know) but this is one promise I want to believe!  70 degrees in November??  Oh yeah, my kind of weather!!

So, on to other things!!  We are home, my home, but we have to go to Charleston today for yet another Dr. appointment.  Hopefully someone will figure out what is going on with my hand so I can get on with my Life!

The fur demons are all okay, although I'm trying to find out which one of those little fuzzy terrors got a paper bag out of the trash.  Yes, I did say that one of them got it out of the trash.  I think it was Pattywack, but he pleads the Fifth and Pattycat just isn't saying anything.  I know it wasn't any of the canines (for a change) because they all piled into the bed and refused to move until 5 a.m. when it was "Mommy, we need to potty.....NOW!"  When I got up to let them out, the paper bag that we had thrown away last night was laying, crumbled and torn, in the middle of the living room floor.  That leads me to believe that either one of the cats are lying (which is really, really easy to believe) or else we have a ghost that just now, after months of us living here, decided to make an appearance!!

Well, I've got to hit the shower....well actually, I have to take a shower.  This house is so old that if I were to hit the shower it would probably collapse and then where would I be?  I need to get my butt into gear and get ready to go!!

I'll be back soon, hopefully with pictures, to lead you on another trip through the dark and twisted hallways of my mind!!


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