Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Sorry I've been gone so long, but things have been really busy and stressful!!  I'll fill y'all in on everything in a few, but first.....

It is a balmy 45 degrees in good old Grantsville this morning.  It is very overcast and the humidity is a smothering 91%, so it’s a really good thing that it’s only 45 isn’t it?  We are suppose to be getting some snow in the near futures, so now I have something even more dreadful than the pain in my hand to look forward to.  How’s that for having something to be thankful for??  (Sorry, the very thought of snow turns me into a raving bitch from hell, I have very, very many things to be thankful for…more on that later)

So, as you may have noticed, I have been MIA for a while.  Sometimes Real Life interrupts all of the things that I enjoy doing online.  Anyway, to run things down for you, here’s what has been going on.

I have been to two different Specialists in Charleston.  One of them did a nerve test, which proved that I DO NOT have Carpel Tunnel, which of course we already knew.  The surgeon wants an MRI, which of course the insurance is yet again denying…this will make the 5th time that they have done so.  Anyway, it’s been almost a month of trying to get a test which cost less than the test they have already run, let alone the amount they spent on Specialist #2’s fee.  If they had allowed the MRI there would have been money saved all around, but NOOOOOOO, that would make sense and that is something that is in short supply these days.  Anyway, I’m just waiting to see what is going to happen next.

I had the “pleasure” of having the flu.  Notice pleasure is in quotes?  Well that’s just my way of letting you know “We are NOT pleased.  (Yes, I realize that I am speaking of myself in the third person, but so what?  I think we all need to think that we are “worthy” from time to time.)  Anyway…I’m better now, but it’s still hanging on like a monkey to a banana tree that is swaying in the wind.  No fever though, not now anyway, so I’ve been allowed back into the Human Race.

We took two of the dogs and the male cat to the vet last week.  DeeOhGee had a tumor growing on her groin and it was huge, so it had to be taken off.  The vet said he would have sent us somewhere else if he had known how complicated it was going to be, but he went ahead and did the surgery and sent the thing off for biopsy. (Which showed that it is NOT cancer.) She was in surgery for an hour and lost a lot of blood, she ended up with a drain tube, which she promptly pulled after 5 days, and she is doing well now.  Cabela, aka Bitty, was spayed, and she’s doing wonderfully.  Both of the girls get their stitches out next week.  While they were there they got their shots updated and their nails done… they are all set.  (well, they are all set AFTER the stitches thing.)

Pattywack went to the vet to be nurtured.  I was secretly hoping that it would calm him down some, but it didn’t.  I was also secretly hoping that it would slow him down some….it didn’t.  He’s as crazy as ever and still driving Pattycat crazy.  He also had his shots updated, and has to go back to get a booster shot next week.  (I believe that there is actually speed in those shots, and that it’s all a conspiracy to drive me crazy!) 






Just to make things even more interesting, while I was trying to get DeeOhGee out of the back of the truck, she managed to get the chain of her leash wrapped around the little finger of my left  hand.  She then managed to jump down out of the truck, pulling every ligament in my pinky.  So I now have my little finger “buddy taped” to my ring finger. Now kiddies, keep in mind that my left hand is the hand that has the damage to the thumb, so now my hand looks (and feels) like a crab claw.  And of course, trying to do things, like type, is almost impossible.

Now, while taking care of animals, trying to do things with a hand that isn’t working too well, let’s just see what we can do to make things “interesting”.  Art got sick…he still is sick.  So now let’s see what that means….we have one dog that has to be kept caged because she has a drainage tube, one dog that has stitches in her belly, one cat that is still totally insane and runs through the house like a wild animal trapped in small space, and one sick man that gets dizzy each and every time he gets up, and a woman that can’t use her left hand very well and is trying to make all right in her little corner of the world.  Now what is the sum total of all of this you ask.  Well I can answer in one word…INSANITY. 

Yes ladies and gentlemen, my home is the Mecca of Insanity!!  Between the dogs, the cat, a sick man and me being a crab, things are crazy around here!!  Not that I’m complaining, although I guess that I am, but there are times in each and every day that I wish that for just one second the cats would quit fighting, the dogs could let themselves out, the man wasn’t ill and I could use all the finger on both hands.  But, wish in one hand and shit in the other and what do you have??  Unfulfilled wished and a hand full of shit, that’s what!  I already have unfulfilled wishes and I definitely DON’T want a hand full of shit, so I guess I can deal.  Right??

And, while all of this was going on, we managed to go to vary and sunder Bluegrass events.  (Can you guess what is coming next?  Can ya?  Can ya???)  Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, we have PICTURES!!!!  Tons and Tons and Tons of pictures!!!  So here’s the deal….browse through them, point and laugh at some of them, and then leave me some comments.  Comment on the pictures or comment on the blog….I don’t care which, just PLEASE leave me some comments so that I KNOW that there is someone out there!!!

AL'S BARN 11-13-2009

LION'S CLUB 11-14-2009

AL'S BARN 11-20-2009

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The Old Cupboard Door said...

You were right, that is a lot of picture. Looks like everyone is enjoying the bluegrass. They even had a steel guitar, can't get any better than that.

BTW, hope you are feeling better. That flu bug is nasty!