Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good Morning, Good Morning!

Good morning!! It's a balmy 57 degrees in ole Calhoun County and the humidity is 86%!! The pollen count is 4.9, which is medium, for ragweed, sage/sagebrush and nettle!! (Will the ragweed NEVER stop pollinating??)

Today is the main attraction day of the Calhoun Park Three Day's to commemorate the Battle of Sycamore, there will be a re-enactment, as well as Bluegrass music, a flea market, craft booths, food, food and food, games for the kids, a petting zoo and many other things!! Yes, kiddies, I AM going!! And there WILL be pictures to follow!!

But, before all that excitement, I need to tell y'all about my latest Fur-demon adventure. For those of you that have read my blog before, you know that I have had various and sunder Fur-demon adventures, but they have been quiet lately. Meaning that they are planning a really good one to play on Mom.

Yesterday Pattywacker went missing. I looked all over for him and could not find him, although I kept hearing a faint Meow from time to time. I looked under the bed, in the shower, in the closet, even outside.....still no Pattywacker. Finally I gave up and sat down on the couch when, low and behold, there was Pattywacker.........on top of the fridge!!!!

Now, in my kitchen there is NOTHING that a half grown kitten can climb to reach the top of a refrigerator, no cabinets, no tables, absolutely NOTHING. So, the question arose "How did he get up there???"

As I sat and pondered that question, Pattywacker began to pace back and forth in the limited space that the top of that particular appliance. His voice began to get louder, and then he would look at me and his voice would become soft again. You could almost see the thoughts race around his little brain. Hmmmm, he was thinking, will she be MAD?? Will she be elated to have found me?? Is she going to LEAVE me here???

After about 15 minutes of this, I finally came into the kitchen and got him down. He clung to me like a spider monkey to an organ grinder!! He stayed with me even when I sat him down, his purr so loud that I couldn't hear the stereo. It was ALMOST as though he was grateful, but we all know that CATS don't show GRATITUDE!!

He stayed out of the kitchen most of last night. He'd dash through on the way to the litter box, but mostly he laid on the back of the love-seat with this look of intense concentration on his little furry face.

This morning he sat in front of the sink, staring that glassy eyed stare that all cats are famous for, then he stalked over and SLAPPED THE FRIDGE DOOR and hissed!!! WTF?? Did the fridge grab his as he calmly walked by and set him on top of itself?? Or is he just putting on a good show for the next time I find him there??

I'm not sure. I'm almost afraid to try and figure it out. If my fridge is randomly grabbing animals and placing them where ever it so desires, I'm getting a new fridge. If the cat is putting on a show (which is my thoughts on the matter) then he deserves an Oscar!! Maybe that's my next Oscar for Pattywack!!



Janice said...

I am a secret reader of your blog, and I just wanted to say I think your are a hot shit!! I can't help but laugh out loud at some of things you write about ( I even laughed so hard I woke up the baby)! It seems that you have been through alot, but have kept your sense of humor! What is more fantastic than that?? I will keep reading and hopefully laughing out loud some more!! ~ Janice

Teri said...

Thank you Janice!! Glad you're enjoying the blog!! You're right about having been through a lot of stuff, and it just keeps on coming!! The only way I get through it is humor (Sick humor I admit), and I believe that laughing through tears is the best way to get through the touch stuff that is thrown at us from time to time.