Monday, September 28, 2009

Good morning and a recap of yesterday!

Yesterday morning, as I sat on my front porch enjoying a cup f hot tea, my neighbor asked me if I would like to take a little trip with her and  her daughter.  I asked where they were going, and she told me that they were going to Braxton County to the farm where she was raised.

Well, having been stuck at home for a while, and being bored out of my mind, I decided to go along.  I'm glad that I did!

We traveled south along Rt. 16, heading into the depths of Calhoun County.  Turning off onto a narrow two-lane road (not that ALL of Calhoun's roads aren't narrow, but not all of them are two lane) we preceded across the county line.  After a while we turned onto a gravel road that seemed to climb into the clouds.

There, sitting on a blanket of emerald, was a nice new double wide home.  The old home place had burned a few years back, so they moved in a double wide.  From the front yard you could see for miles and miles around you.  Standing there and looking at the scenery, I kne that if I had the opportunity to live there, I would never leave. 

After visiting for a while with her brother and his wife, we walked to the old barn.  A hay rake and other equipment that is needed to cut, dry and bale hay, stood outside, looking as if dreading the approaching winter as much as I do.  Inside the barn were treasures that I still want to photograph.  The sun sneaking in between the slats that make up the side wall hidghlighted the dust motes as my friend packed up so loose hay to take  home for the dogs boxes.  It was heaven!!

The family cemetery lies on a knoll behind the barn.  Like many of the early residents of this area, her great grandfather, grandfather and father never wanted to leave the land they so loved.  So they rest in the heart of the land where once they toiled so hard.

After loading the hay, we walked out into the meadow across from the house.  Sandy pointed out different "hill" tops and told me where they were.  We stood there looking at hills in three different counties!!  It was one of the most beautiful sights I have seen.

A long horned cow, yes, cow not steer, watched us as we headed back to the car.  She didn't seem to know what to make of me as I snapped several photos of her standing proudly in the field.  (Don't ask what she's doing in the second pictures, if you don't know I'm not about to tell you other than to say that she's "voicing" her opinion of us being on "her" property!)

After leaving the farm, we drove back to Calhoun County, taking a different route as Sandy "Never likes to go the same way twice".  Finally back on Rt. 16, we headed toward Grantsville, stopping along the way to take a few pictures of some interesting sites (well, interesting to me that is).

We took a side road to stop and visit the grave of Mike Fink and an Unknown Indian.  It's an interesting spot and difinitely photo-worthy!

After visiting Mike Fink's grave, we crossed an old metal and wooden bridge to a cemetery that stands on a small rise.  Walking through that cemetery, we found some amazing gravestones; some with carvings that are so beautiful that they should be gracing the walls of some up-scale boutique.

At the back fence of this cemetery, we came to a marker that I found really interesting.  

Then we came to this grave. It’s plain, and is tilting a little. There’s nothing spectaclor about the tombstone. But as you look at the dates, and at the plain inscription, you begin to wonder, or at least I began to wonder.  


Coming home, I did a bit of research, and this is what I discovered. The 14th Virginia Calvary fought in many battles, but the two most noted were the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1 –3, 1863 and The Final Charge At Appomattox”, April 19, 1865. It amazes me that this man, lived through such historic battles, witnessed the rise and fall of the South and came home to live a quiet life in the rolling hills that now hold his mortal remains. There is much history in these hills and hollers, more history than is apparent to the causal observer.

For more information on the 14th Virginia Calvary, please follow this link:

We once again headed toward Grantsville, stopping at a cemetery that I have been told about many times.  There are pre-Civil War graves there, but my camera was dead and I had no extra batteries with me, so I have no pictures.  But, we are planning to go back soon, so expect some soon.

We arrived home and I came in to save my pictures and play around with them a little.  Here are my results.

All in all it was a good day!!

Now, on to other things.  John has the flu!!  I'm staying away from him, and he's staying away from everyone else!!  Hopefully this will pass quickly and he can once again step onto the road to recovery.  He's been through a really rough patch this month, and I know he's looking forward to Sept. being over with.  Keep him in your thoughts and prayers, he needs them.

Well everyone, I'm off to do other things now!!  Have a good day!!



Sheila said...

Looks like you had a great day! I love the pictures, they remind me of my young years when my father farmed with work horses pulling the various pieces of equipment. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

myprimloves said...

Teri I am so jealous! To spend a day and just relive history is wonderful. Keep these post coming. I look forward to them everyday... hugs

Niki said...

send me the link with the pictures. please?