Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!!

I've been busy making stuff to sell so I can try and earn some money....a girl's gotta eat ya know!!

Here's a Halloween Crow I made.....I really like her, but she's got to go!! LOL Anyone interested, just let me know!!

I've also made some little crows, well, actually two different sizes than this. They aren't quite ready yet, but I'll post as soon as they are done. I'm also working on a Halloween mouse and a Autumn mouse....I'll show you those as soon as they are finished.

Have a good evening!!



myprimloves said...

Do you make grundgy stars too??

Teri said...


Yes I do. As a matter of a fact, I will post a picture of several I just made. I'm making more today, as I am sending some to a craft show this weekend, as well as next weekend.