Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The NAMELESS cat now has a name!!!

The nameless one, aka the kitten, now has a name!! Although he is a Great Ring-tailed Pain In The Ass, that is too long of a name for such a small cat, so I have decided to name him Patty-wack (no, not PaDDywack). My other cat is named Cleopatra aka PattyCat, and the kitten Wacks her (and everyone/thing else) whenever the opportunity arises, so from here on out he will be know at PattyWack! Make sense??

Here is the newly named cat doing what cats everywhere do (notice the paint can in the background?? I told y'all I was doing crafts.):

Here's PattyCat, just being the Queen that she has always been. Notice that she's above actually looking at the camera.

Here she is again, still refusing to look at me:

Here's a few more of PattyWack:

He's obsessed with his back feet!!

He also washes himself more than any cat alive. He even jumps into the tub when I'm taking a shower!!

Such a LAZY kitty!!

He has a good time with Bitty! They chase each other around, roll around on the floor and eat from the same bowl. Maybe he really is a dog in a cat suit!!

Well, it's almost 4 am and I haven't been asleep yet, so I'm heading that way!

Talk to you kids later!!



Lorraine said...

Teri, I'm not sure you realize it, but you have a wonderful talent for writing. I think there is a serious journalist in you. I don't know anything about your back ground, but it seems like you have a calling to write. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us..I really enjoy your bloggings.

Sandra said...

I just sat here and read your whole blog. I am so touched by your words...and I feel the same way about you, we are sisters now, strong women who will always be there for eachother.
Your new kitty addition is adorable...or should I say kitty-dog? You got to keep all your fur babies from when you were in your last residence, yes? (you notice I didn't refer to it as "home") I am so happy for you that you have found your place, and you just SOUND so different and wonderful....and I LOVE the crow you made!!!!! That came out great!! You're a busy girl and I think its awesome!
I am so glad we met....the Fates stepped in and brought us together, and I am thankful to them.

Blessings and love,

Teri said...

Lorraine, I love to write. I have several finished, but unpublished, novels laying around gathering dust.....maybe someday.

Sandra, thank you Sis!!! One of the best days of my life was the day that we were brought together by another's stupidity!! LOL

Love ya both!!