Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Well hell

Hi y'all.

All I can say is Well, hell!

I was done with this stupid blog.....I really don't think that many people read it, and it is more time consuming than most people realize. But, after talking to several people and receiving comments and emails, I have decided that I'm going to continue posting, although they may be few and far between. So, no promises as to how many post will be up or how often they will be up, the only promise is that I WILL post when I can.

So, I'm working on this book, as most of you may know, and sometimes I get, well, stressed doesn't begin to cover it so let's go with CRAZED!! I'm at an impasse with the story line right now, and it's driving me insane.....plus there are a few other things with the story that I'm not pleased with...but I'm working on it. Add to that the everyday shit that we all have to put up with and the fact that there are several people that have really hurt and/or angered me in the last week or so and what you are left with is an insane woman that can't seem to do anything right. Like right now....I should be asleep because I have to get up in just over 4 hours....but, because of stuff I would rather not be dealing with, I am wide awake, stressing out and alternately cussing like a sailor or crying like a colicky baby.

Now, under usual circumstances I would rant and rave in this post, telling the world who/what/why I was pissed off/sad/hurt.....but this time I just can't. There is too much at stake for people other than myself for me to open my mouth and spew forth all the tangled emotions that are foaming like a raging tide inside of me. So, for the sake of others more than for my own sake, I will keep all of this shit locked up and try to be a decent person regardless of how I really feel.

Confused yet?

Don't feel like the lone ranger, because it's happening to me and I'm so freaking confused I just want to hide from everyone for the next year or two!

Enough of that shit!

I want to say THANK YOU to those of you that had nice things to say and to thank each of you for your loyalty and friendship! It means more than I have ever expressed and I can't thank you enough!! Especially Boone, Sandy, Esther and Beth. Thank you guys for the encouraging words and the smiley faces!

Since you didn't want me to quit, I haven't......now you just have to put up with me! As the famous saying goes, "I pity the fool".........



Sandra said...

Hi,good to see u back at it,heyyy when I have something to say but nobody wants to hear I talk to my cats and tell them everything at least I know there not going to tell or talk back at me,lol,hope all works out for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Bethany said, "I knew you weren't going anywhere. You need to stop fretting about the things that bother you that are out of your control, and concentrate your energies on things you CAN. You just spread yourself too thin, girl!! Love ya!:)"