Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm back........

Well, I've been gone for a few days. So sorry!!

Things around here just suck!! I'm homeless as of the 5th of Aug....don't know what I'm going to do, I don't have any mode of transportation, and I don't have anyone around here to stay with....I don't have any idea of where to go or what to do. I'm just in a mess!!

But....life goes on and so do I. Seems like I have to go through shit to get to the sunny side of life. Maybe this is the last patch of crap for a while!

My little fur-demons are being the same little idiots as ever!! Last night they decided that the couch, where I was sleeping, was the perfect place to have as the high, tight turn in the latest Kitty 500!! After about 20 minutes of being ran over, jumped on and basically kept from sleeping, I went ballistic!! Grabbed the spray bottle and went to war!!

In the end it was wet kitties, and one sleepy, slightly pissed off and deranged woman trying to get back to sleep. But of course the pups were up and about, they thought it was all a game that I made up just for them!! Run, jump....screeching cat....run, jump.....screeching cat....well, you get the idea! Anyway....about 4:30 I finally got back to sleep. And here it is, not quite 9 am and I'm awake again....I tell ya, it's like having a newborn, only it's a newborn that can run, jump, scream, has pointy teeth and nails and likes to use you has a trampoline!!

Well, enough of that!! Here's some pictures that I took the last few days.....enjoy!

Here's a picture of one of the many storms we've had lately moving in....this is just before it started to rain:

This is sunset that evening:

Here is this awesome place that a friend of mine showed me. It's a cellar house built into the hillside...actually under a rock cliff and next to a cave that goes under the road. Here's a picture of my friend standing in front of the cellar:

Here is a closer picture of the cellar:

Here is a close up of the stone work. These are natural stone that has been "cut" by local folks. This place has probably been there for about 100 years or so.

Here is a picture of me in front of the cave next to the cellar:

Here's a picture of the inside of the cave:

While we were out running around, we came upon a old building. It is made of split-rails that have been notched. Here is the corner of that building:

So that's about it. No funny stories, no sunrise pictures....just a few photos of what I've been doing and where I've been.

Have a good day everyone!!


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