Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Night ramblings

Well, it's almost midnight and I'm sitting here wondering where my little male dog took off to. He hit the door as soon as I opened it and ran like the dickens. Now it'll be an all night job to get him back. (read earlier post...he thinks he's a grizzly bear and wants to fight everything.) I'll walk around outside, call his name and worry until he decides to come home. Then he will be "grounded" by being put into the kennel and not allowed to leave without being on a leash.

I don't know why he does this. It's something that has continued to confuse me since he was about a year old. I know why dogs run, I mean there are a lot of reasons, including a female near by that is in heat. But Loki is fixed....he was fixed so young that I honestly don't believe he had time to lick them, let alone figure out what they were really for.

It's now 9 am and Loki has been in for a while. We had some excitement on the ridge, one of the houses burned to the ground. It took the volunteer fire department over 40 minutes to get to the fire and by then it was too late. Thankfully the man that lives there was out of state, if he had been home he wouldn't have survived.

It makes me thankful to see the morning sun and hear the birds screaming their morning songs.

Here's today's sunrise picture.

Blessings everyone. Stay safe.

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