Saturday, July 11, 2009

Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning!!

Well, it's a "balmy" 69 degrees in Calhoun County WV this morning!! The sun ISN'T shining, as we have clouds, clouds, and clouds!! We're supposed to have thunderstorms today, and from the looks of things, I believe it!

Here's this morning's picture:

The Moon is continuing Her slow skid toward the dark. But, I managed to get several pictures of Her this morning (once the clouds cleared). Here is one that I really like:

As you may, or may not, be able to tell, I'm really getting into Photography. I don't have any "special" camera, just a Kodak Easy Share Z8612 IS. It's a simple camera with self-focusing, image stabilization and auto zoom. BUT, it also has a manual mode that you can play around with if you so desire. Most of the pictures I have posted have been taken in either the MANUAL mode or the SUNRISE mode. I also take some ISO picture (low light) now and then.

I would love to actually have a SLR camera, but that's not possible at this point in time. Maybe "someday". LOL

So, now on to the latest adventures of "Teri's Fur-demons" aka cats.

This morning at exactly 4:58, a time of the morning when even the birds aren't sure what to do, the "Fur-demons" materialized from whatever deep, dark place in which they reside during the day and began to destroy all that is good and right. In other words, the cats began to run, jump and pounce on me, the dogs, each other, and anything else that moved….and a lot of things that didn’t.

Within ten minutes, the trash was knocked over, my shoes where divided and in two separate rooms, my purse was empty with the contents spread…well, who knows where (I still haven’t found one of my pens and a lip gloss…..and of course it’s my favorite lip gloss), and not one, but two windows are now bare of their blinds. So, my day will consist of picking up trash (and perhaps nailing the trash can to the floor with BIG spikes), finding my shoes and reunite them with one another (and listening to all the little shoe sobs that will echo down the hall), move every piece of furniture in the house until I find the lip gloss (and the Gods only know what else), try to fix the blinds (notice I did say TRY) and last but not least, arrange for an exorcism for my cats!

Blessings all!

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