Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good Morning!!

Good Morning!! No sunrise pictures today because the sunrise consisted of contrasting blue-grays and grays. It’s a balmy 73 degrees in Calhoun County WV and the humidity is, oh, about 200%!! The Fur-Demons are even damp!! You walk outside and it feels like you’re walking through pudding. (Not that I really know what that feels like, but I can imagine!)

Hopefully it will rain today. Maybe that will cool the tempers around here. It seemed like everyone had one crossways yesterday. People saying that they’re going to do one thing and then doing another AND then griping at me like it’s all MY fault!! Or else making plans to do something and then someone whines and cries so they don’t have to do whatever-it-was that the plans were. Are you confused yet?? What I’m trying to say is that it seemed as though every person I talked to were in a pissy mood because things just weren’t going their way.

Believe me I can relate!! Even when things seem to be going my way, BAM a right hook out of the blue to knock me on my ass again! But these days my ass seems to be made of the same stuff SUPER BALLS are made of, because I keep bouncing back! (I am getting a little motion sick though.)

I hope that it all straightens out soon. I’m going to be homeless and I don’t think I can carry all my stuff on my back. Besides, there’s not room for everything under the Big Root Bridge. (That’s a reference to the Trolls in Billy Goat Gruff, just in case you’re confused.)

Ah well. Life goes on…and on…and on…and on….. But you get the picture.

Now for the latest in the Trials and Tribulations of Teri’s Fur-Demons!!

Last night, or actually this morning, the newest little Demon decided to see if he could get to the top of a stack of boxes. Well, it sounded like a good idea at the time, but boy, if only he could have foreseen the outcome!

You see, I have boxes stacked everywhere, I’m packing little by little and trying to get ready for whatever the future is going to bring. So, Little-Mister-Homeless-Kitten decides that the top of this stack of boxes is the place he needs to be, so, he gets a running start and scales these boxes like a line repair man scales a pole. The only problem is the top box is open!!

Up, up, up and BLAM, into the open box where he commences to squawk and cry and bounce around. All this bouncing around results in “The Great Fall and Resulting Unplanned Unpacking Of Four Moving Boxes”.

Sounds like an epic movie, doesn’t it?

So, the Kitten is screaming and trying to get out of a box that is setting on top of four other boxes, he jumping and bouncing around, when suddenly…CRASH, down comes the box, only it falls backward and wedges against the wall. The Kitten continues to jump around and everything starts to go downhill. The rest of the boxes tip, the kitten falls to the floor, followed by a box of Dog Toys and a box of Teri’s Stuffed Toys which burst open on impact and scatter to the four winds.(Notice, Teri’s Stuffed Toys are NOT dog toys!!)

The kitten darts off to repair his pride, the dogs bounce in and grab as many toys (dog and stuffed) as they can stuff into their little drooling mouths, and take off for parts unknown. So now I have toys everywhere, and my favorite stuffed bear covered in dog slobber and being chewed on under the bed!!

I grab the bear, do the tug-of-war thing with the dog, step backwards and step on a cat. The bear tears in half, the cat slaps my ankle and bites me on the heel of the foot and I promptly fall on my ass!! (you can stop laughing now, it’s really not THAT funny)

Laying there on the floor, looking up at the ceiling and wondering why this stuff always happens to me, I become a target for bouncing dogs and pissed-off cats. The dogs use me for a trampoline and the cats flick their tails and stroll off to destroy something else. Fighting off the dogs, I get up, look at the destroyed teddy, chase everyone out, close the door and walk away!

After cleaning up the blood streaming down my leg, putting anti-biotic ointment on the bite and slash marks, I lay down on the couch and close my eyes praying for that sweet oblivion that some know as sleep.

And the phone rings……

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