Monday, July 13, 2009

Boy.....I'm losing it.....

Well, for the second day in a row I haven't posted my morning pictures or anything!!

Sorry, but real life intruded on my cyber life and made things just a little bit confusing!!

But, I’m back now, so everything’s good!!

I wasn’t home for a while today…..big news for little Miss “I’m Always Here” isn’t it?? Anyway, I was out and about for a couple of hours and I figured something out while I was in the BIG TOWN of GRANTSVILLE.

What I figured out is that more people around here need a hobby!! And by a Hobby I mean something constructive to do for fun. You see, there are wayyyyy too many people around here that have nothing better to do than sit around and watch what everyone else is doing, and make up stories or else bitch about it. By that I mean, say person A sees you in town with a male friend, by the time you leave Grantsville, person B,C,D, and E are all spreading the rumor that you’re sleeping with you male friend and his wife is filing for divorce. None of it’s true, but try and prove that to the Great Hobby-less Masses of Grantsville, West Virginia!

That’s not all I figured out, but the rest is a SECRET of MONUMENTAL design and can’t be shared with people I don’t personally know!! (figure that one out!)

Here's a picture of the Hummingbird that visits my friend's porch every day! He's awful cute, but he's a mean little shit!! He wants to attack you everytime you come in or out of the door! Courage has nothing to do with size!

Now, for my last little tidbit of news. The Powers That Be decided that I didn't have enough Fur-Demons running around here, so They arranged for three more little Fur Demons to be dropped of here. Now these cute little bundles of fur seem innocent enough, but already they have attacked my Jack Russell, knocked over two of the house plants on my porch and made more noise than a bucket full of glass and screws in an industrial mixer!

I'm looking for homes for these little Demons, so if anyone is interested, I'm sure we can manage to get one of them to you alive! (bad joke)

Well, I'm out!!

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