Sunday, July 12, 2009

No morning post this morning......I must be slipping

Sorry about not posting this morning…but there really wasn’t anything rattling around in my head. But that has since changed, LUCKY YOU! LOL

Is anybody else sick of hearing about Michael Jackson? I mean, I know he was an “icon” and all, and yes, he did add to the music industry. BUT, he was also a very disturbed man and he had no problem letting us know just HOW disturbed he was. Now he’s dead, and he’s back in the spotlight. LET THE MAN BE ALREADY!

Every time I watch the news, or read a paper, or look at the new online, it’s MICHAEL JACKSON this and MICHAEL JACKSON that. He’s more in the news now than when he was accused of molesting boys. WHY IS THAT? Shouldn’t that have been front-page news for weeks instead of his death? I would rather know whom the pedophile is than when he died. (Apologies to all of you that didn’t believe that he had ever done anything “like that”, but I look at it like this, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice….) He’s dead, let him Rest In Peace.

Enough of that…..I’m sick to death of hearing about him and here I am putting more stuff on the internet about him. I’m done!

The “fur-demons” were good last night. I’m afraid that Satan is pulling on his long-johns right now!! I’m sure that I’m in for a good one tonight, it’s against nature for them to be good two nights in a row! Right now Cyrano is sitting on the arm of the love seat, his eyes half open trying to fool me into believing that he is “cat-napping”. In reality he’s planning his next assault on my mental state. I’m sure he has some evil mental picture of my reaction to his next stunt. I wonder what he’s going to do.

Maybe rub his face on mine while I’m asleep, after he smears my lost lip-gloss across his chin.

Or perhaps he’s going to shred one of my canvas tennis shoes.

Or figure out how to open my underwear drawer and see how many pairs of silk undies he can destroy.

Or just shed his yellow and white hair all over my black tank tops.

Whatever it is that he’s planning, I’ll be ready. I’m determined to catch him BEFORE he hides my camera!!!

Today’s picture:

For those of you that don't know, this is a picture of Queen Anne's Lace. You can tell that it's Queen Anne's Lace instead of poison Hemlock. It's really easy, Queen Anne's Lace has a small purple spot in the center, we call it the Queen's Blood, if it doesn't have the spot, it's NOT Queen Anne's Lace.


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