Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good Morning

Good Morning folks! (Yes, even though it's still dark outside, it IS morning) After all the excitement of last night, and the multitude of phone calls this morning, I finally got to lay down for a nap around 7:30.......and that nap didn't end until just before 3 am. Didn't mean to sleep that long, but I was wore out and my body must have really needed to rest.

I don't usually sleep like a normal person...but then again, I guess you have to be normal to sleep like a normal person, don't you. Hmmmmm, maybe that's the whole problem.
I always knew I wasn’t “normal”, but I guess the sleep thing is proof.

And speaking of sleep, is anyone else having strange dreams lately? I know I am, and have been for over three months. There are about 18 other people that I’ve talked to about it and they are having bouts of really weird dreams lately too. Seems like everyone is having dreams along the same line, you know, things like death, destruction, shooting someone, the world ending, the wells drying up and/or not being able to save someone they love. I know that there’s probably a rational explanation for this phenomenon, but I’m not rational right now (feel hung-over from all that sleep) and I’m beginning to wonder if maybe the Human Race has a social conscious.

We are destroying everything around us at an alarming rate. The mountains are being toppled to the valley floors, the water is becoming uninhabitable, the air is being filled with poison, and the polar ice is melting. There are species of creature on Mother Earth that have been driven to the edge of extinction, and other species that have been genetically manipulated to the point that they no longer resemble what they once were (example HAIRLESS CATS). We’re being told that Global Warming is going to kill us all, and if it doesn’t, the pollution will. There are diseases that we’ve never before heard of running wild among the human population, and not enough food and water to feed everyone. I think everyone knows that this is happening, but many people are only concerned with themselves and their families, so they don’t care if little Jimmy or little Julie has only had filthy dirty water to drink and hasn’t had a meal in over four days.

Maybe Mother Nature is trying to prod us into doing what we need to do in order to survive. After all, bearing the earth exploding into a thousand fragments, She will be here long after the Human Race is gone, and She will do what She has always done and replant and repopulate Herself. Maybe She is giving us dreams of death and destruction, of pain and sorrow in order to let us know it’s not too late to save ourselves.

Or perhaps it’s all the preservatives and shit in our food.

Or it could just be gas.

Here’s tonight’s picture:

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