Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It has been a while!!

So kiddies, have you missed me??  I know it's been months, but, well all I can say is that I'm not the average bear, BooBoo.  You see, life OUTSIDE of the computer has interfered with life INSIDE the computer......which is just the opposite of what most people are gripping about these days.

Anyway, it's almost Summer and little old me has been busy, busy, busy!!  I've been going to sings as often as I can and taking pictures like a maniac!!

I'm also learning how to play the fiddle.  Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, Teri is actually doing something musical!!  Will wonders never cease???  My fingers are SORE and I actually peeled of the tip of one of them today, but I'm told that is just something that will happen and then they will callous over and they won't hurt anymore.  All I can say is that we'll see.

Okay, so I have something interesting for you kiddies tonight.

Do you all remember a few months ago when I posted the "Which one of these is my dog?" blog?  Well, I have some news about Warrington!!

My friend Deb sent Warrington's DNA off to be analyzed.  And now the results are in!!

Yes kiddies, my friend Warrington is a Mastiff, Pitbull, Australian Shepherd, German Short-haired Terrier, Pug, Schnauzer!!!  Not a bit of Beagle in him anywhere!!!  Who would have thought this little guy was such a Noble mixture of pups??  Way to go Warrington!!!! 

Doesn't he just LOOK regal????

One of these days I'm going to have to get Loki's DNA run......but I'm betting he's part Jackass instead of Mastiff!!  (Yes kiddies, we've had a few run-ins!  Loki is the MOST stubborn, bull headed little shit to ever walk the face of the earth!!)

Anyway.....I'm glad to be back and I hope y'all are glad to see me!  I promise it won't be months and months before my next post!!  It may be days....could even be a week, but NOT months!!

Hope to see y'all creeping and peeping at my blog from time to time!

Have a wonderful night!!


Wanda said...

Good job Teri i love reading these keep up the good work

Sandra said...

Great to see you back on,sounds like Warrington is a 57 Hines variety LOL,cute tho!!