Sunday, January 17, 2010

An additional Sunday post....with venting

This is an additional Sunday post because something has me upset.

I write about a lot of things on this blog.  I do nonsensical things, I express some of my opinions, I let y'all know what is going on in my little corner of the world, I post pictures and links to other things.  

The last few days I have been leaving little things about each day of the week.  I've been doing this because I wanted to make my giveaway a little more interesting.  I thought it would be fun.

I've been getting a few more comments than usual, and I usually enjoy that.  I've always had this set up so that anyone could comment and it would post right then.  I haven't moderated comments, I have been trusting that the people that choose to read what I write are adults for the most part and have some respect for others.

I've been mistaken.

Tonight when I got home from the "pound party" that was part of the Women's meeting at my church I found the following post.

Anonymous said...

I think you need something to talk about, so how about this;
What is the difference between being depressed and being angry? The lack of passion?and,
What church do you attend? and why?

It upset me.  Why you ask?  Well, I addressed it in my reply to the anonymous comment.  Here is my reply:

Dear anonymous,
I'm sorry you feel the need to tell me what I should and should not talk about on my own blog. If you had been reading for the last few days you could have figured out that all of the things about the days of the week are leading up to a few questions that I am going to post for my giveaway.
As for the rest of it, it's for a personal conversation, not a public blog.
I am changing the setting on the comments because of receiving comments such as this, so from now on EVERYONE will have to leave their name.


I thought I was pretty clear in expressing myself.  Well, I thought so until I sat down and really started thinking about what "anonymous" has done.

Whoever "anonymous" is, and I have my own ideas as to who you are, they have not only upset me, but they have tried to dictate to me as to what I should and should not write about.  I know this person is not anyone with whom I share emails on a daily basis, or anyone with whom I have conversations with very often.  I know this person is not someone who is of major importance in my personal life.  

How do I know this you ask.   Well, quite simply, the people that are of a major importance in my life realize what a struggle I have been having with my Faith.  They are not so blind that they don't realize that the "anonymous" comment would/will/has caused me to question myself.  My friends/family/loved ones realize that becoming a Christian hasn't been "simple" for me, it has been/is a long hard struggle for me for reason that I refuse to get into in a public forum.

I also realize that "anonymous" isn't any of my sister bloggers.  I realize that the women who write the blogs that I visit on a regular basis are a kind, supportive, loving bunch of people, and that they are Christian and non-Christian and accept me for who/what I am.  I don't have daily contact with them, but I read about their thoughts, feelings, ideas, joys, sorrows and the things happening in their lives, just as they read mine.  We, strangers who may never meet in real life, support each other and are supported by each other.  I know none of these wonderful women would leave such a rude and demanding post.

So that leaves a very few other people.

I have a few other things to say to "anonymous" whoever you are.  They are not "nice" things, they are not "proper" things, they may not even be "Christian" things, but they are TRUE things.

So here they are:


You obviously think that I'm boring, you as much as said so when you said "I think you need something to talk about".  If I bore you there is a very simple solution, DON'T READ MY BLOG!

Apparently you are having some issues of your own, as you questioned "What is the difference between being depressed and being angry? The lack of passion?".  SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP FOR YOUR PROBLEMS.  I am NOT a therapist, I am NOT here to address your emotional issues or help you to seek enlightenment for your "lack of passion".

You must think you know me pretty well since you asked "What church do you attend? and why?", so you should have my email address or phone number.  If you had called or emailed me I would have gladly told you and explained why.  But since you obviously don't have the balls to do that, it's obvious that you DO NOT know me well enough to broach the subject with me.

And lastly, since you were so brave and strong in your opinions and questions, why were you not  brave and strong enough to leave you name?  Are you afraid that I would contact you personally to say what I've been reduced to saying here?  Or are you just a coward?

Anyway, enough of that.

For those of you reading this who actually have names, thanks for letting me vent!  I really needed it.  I had a wonderful day today, great service at Church and a very comfortable, fun Women's meeting at B.'s house.  (BTW a "pound party" is where you bring a pound of something for the household to the party.)  It was really a shame to allow this comment to ruin the evening, so that is why I decided to post this.

I apologize for having to change my comment settings.  I hope it doesn't cause any of you any problems.  But this isn't the first comment that I have received that has caused upset and I refuse to have any more.

Have a wonderful, blessed night.



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wanda said...

Teri you hang in there and keep up with your Bloge and dont let no one stand in the way of you being a christian keep going to church and serving the lord and pray for this anamyous i love reading your blodges and thanks for your prayers yesterday

Sandra said...

You do and say what you please,it's your blog,like you said if they don't like don't read

Rue said...

Write whatever you like, Sweetie. That's why it's a blog and not a national newspaper! I don't mind if people don't read my words - my blog is for me, and if people read, well, it's just a bonus!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Awwww, Teri- don't let the Turkeys get you down! I get crappy comments once in a while too... I guess it happens to everybody.
As for your faith- that's a personal relationship between you and God, so that means no one else has a say-so!

Willow said...

You hit the nail on the head hon. That person is a coward ! This is your blog. You write what you want when you want and if someone doesn't find it to their "liking" then they should just move on. I had a similar thing happen to me but my negative comments came via email. Calling me a backwoods inbred because of the way I write on my blog ! I write that way because I want to. I don't have to be Prim And Proper all the time ! They poked fun of my grammar, education and other things I won't mention. I almost blogged about it and maybe I should have ? I did try to email them but it came back undeliverable. Some people just like to be rude (putting it nicely) and try to make your day as rotten as theirs must be ! Hang in there girlie and keep on bloggin'
Prim Huggs n Blessins