Monday, January 11, 2010

Post number 97!

Good morning y'all!!

Can you believe it, this is my 97th post!!  It sure doesn't seem possible.  It seems as though it was just a few weeks ago that I started sharing my thoughts and ramblings online.  I didn't think many people would read them, but I didn't really care either.  LOL  Sounds like me doesn't it?

For a while it seemed that no one was paying attention to what this crazy woman in West Virginia was thinking about, or writing about, or going through.  Now, well now I get emails, comments and phone calls on an almost daily basis asking if I'm going to post something, or if I'm okay, or just to say something about what ever it was that I last rambled about.  It's kind of nice.

I haven't been doing the picture thing the last week or so.  It's been so cold here that just the thought of going outside to get a photo of even more snow makes not only me tired, but the batteries in my camera just drain down to nothing as well.  So I've been playing around with some of the photos I have taken recently (New Years Eve) and doing some of this and some of that with them. 

I was going to share some of them with y'all, but apparently Blogger doesn't think I should do that because it's sure not letting me upload them.  As soon as I can get them to upload, I will post them for you.

Anyway, today was a bitter sweet day.  My youngest daughter, Niki, came over for "lunch".  Notice the quotes?  Well, I had cooked a ham, thinking that she was coming over for dinner.  But, she had to head back to school earlier than we thought and we ended up eating a big meal for lunch.  

It was so nice to spend some time with her.  She is such a strangely wonderful person.  I don't know if I should take credit for the strange part or if I should take blame.  But so far it seems to have served her well, so I guess I'll choose the "credit" tag.  LOL  Anyway, this semester is going to be kind of rough for her.  She's taking either 18 credit hours or else 24!!  Can you believe that?  Second semester at college and taking 24 credit hours!!  But I'm sure she can do it, she's just that type of person.  She sets her mind and, although she may wander around for a bit, she ends up at her goal.

I'm so proud of her!!

Saying that makes me wonder if my other kids realize how proud of them I am?  My oldest daughter, Shanna, is the mother of four.  She, her husband and their children live just outside Warrensburg MO.  Her next to the youngest son has Cerebral Palsy.  He's doing really well though and he's so ornery that it's not funny.  But then again, all of her children are and I wouldn't expect anything less, seeing as how their mother was the one that thought things for her little brothers to do, and I don't mean little things, I mean "OMG, can you believe he did that?" things!

My oldest son, Tim, lives in GA with his wife and three sons.  Right now he's having a hard way to go as the company he worked for is closing and his hours have been cut, cut, cut.  He's taking the classes to work at Kia though, and hopefully he'll get a job there.  He's thinking of taking his Fireman's training also.  Now that scares me to death!!  He's the one that did things like cut that little flap of skin under his tongue because he thought it "looked funny and shouldn't be there".  Needless to say between his sister and he life was "interesting"!!  

My youngest son, Will aka BJ, lives in OH with his new wife.  They were married in Oct, as some of you may remember.  He just signed with a promoter and is doing what he loves, which is music!!  I've listed links to his videos before, but if you have missed them just follow this link and you'll be able to watch/hear his band.  (he's the lead guitar/singer)

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that I'm proud of my children.  They are individuals, each and every one of them.  But I raised them to be, so they definitely haven't disappointed me.  

I guess in a way being a mother, especially a single mother, is a job that entails great sacrifice and even greater rewards.  And it's a job that last for a lifetime, literally.  My children aren't technically "children" anymore.  They are all adults with their own lives, their own joys, their own sorrows and, for the two oldest, their own children.  They have day to day struggles that I know they think I don't understand.  But I do understand.  Not only do I understand, but their struggles are my struggles as well.

I don't tell my kids everything that is going on in my life.  It's not that I am trying to protect them or anything, it's just that I realize they don't need to worry about Mom on top of everything else.  Mom was, is and will be a constant in their lives as long as I draw breath.  I hope they know that.

Anyway, enough of that!  I'm getting all sentimental and stuff and that's not what I want to do tonight.

It's all of 4 degrees here right now and I'm thinking about how nice and warm I'll be curled up under the covers with my breathing foot-warmers.  (yeah, they are already there and I know I'll have to fight with them to get them to actually warm my feet and not my back, legs, chest and face or try to keep them from stealing all the covers leaving me literally out in the cold.  LOL)  Believe it or not, it's suppose to actually get colder than just 4!!  Then by Thursday it's suppose to be at least 47 degrees with rain!!! Don't ya just love winter??

Okay, enough complaining.  I'm going to sign off and go fight for my covers!  Maybe tonight they will take pity on me and let me win.

Stay warm y'all!



Wanda said...

OH Teri just keep loving them kids that is what us mothers are for you feel about yours like i feel about mine how did we ever live without them

Sandra said...

Good LUCK Niki in your classes,Love those kids they make life interesting LOL

Anonymous said...

Concrats on your 97th, and coming up on 100th blog!! Just remember, as with everything, it's quality not quantity!!! Also keep in mind that many DO care and are concerned about you, but in these hard times, all are struggling and may be unable to help as much as they would like. I know I certainly speak for myself!! You are a strong girl. The truth is maybe you could soften up and become less intense. Let God take care of some of the burdens. (Worked for me...) We all know life can be a bitch.