Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday, Friday, It's finally Friday

Good Morning youngins.

It's all of 38 degrees in Old Calhoun County this morning, with a humidity of 60%.  Just a few days have passed and we seem to be having a heat wave since the 4 degree nights.  Don't ya just love winter??

Today is Friday.  Friday is the fifth day of the week.  Some people say that Friday was named for Frigga, who was Odin's wife and also the Queen of the Gods.  Other people say that Friday was named for Freya, the Goddess of Love.  And still other people say they were one and the same.  I think Friday was named for love for the simple fact that the Roman name for Friday was Dies Veneris or Day of Venus.  Venus was also the Roman Goddess of Love.

Where ever Friday got it's name, I'm glad it's finally here.

In German Friday is Am Freitag.  According the Old Mother Goose, "Fridays child is loving and giving", yet another reason to believe that Friday was named for Love.

So, enough of that, on to other things.

The giveaway.  Now that's a topic.  LOL

Has anyone else figured out that there are clues that will help you get extra entries in each of the last three, including this one, posts?  Well, if you haven't figured that out, let me explain.  Since I announced that I was having a giveaway, I have been posting different little tidbits about the days of the week.  Come next Wednesday, I will post a picture of what I am giving away along with how you can enter the contest.  It will be simple I promise.  But, in order to get the extra entries there will be several questions, nothing you need to study for or anything, just a couple of simple questions.  You will receive 2 extra entries for each question you get right!  So stay tuned each day for another post that will have more clues for you.

Are you confused yet??  Don't be, I swear I won't make it too difficult for anyone to enter.

Okay, enough!  I'm off to try to climb into bed, of course I mean try because I'll have to move several little fuzzy creatures first.  You know, it just amazes me how something so small can take up so much space, especially under nice warm covers in the winter.   Hmmmmm, that's something I must try and figure out, how can a cat, especially, take up an area more than twice his body size when he lays on my bed........

Night, night, y'all.

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Anonymous said...

Teri, I am having FUN following some the blogs YOU follow!!!!! One could lose HOURS searching one thing from one blogger to antoher form antoher blogger.but I LOVE your choices. Have a lovely weekend.