Friday, January 8, 2010

Cold morning, snowy days.....

Good morning everyone!!  It's early in the morning and as much I as would like to say it, it's not bright!

It's still dark as midnight outside, and it's C*O*L*D!!!!  The temp says it's  all of 10 degrees!!  And the forecast says it will be colder as the days go by!!  Doesn't that sound like fun??

We've had snow since yesterday afternoon, but it's finally stopped for a little bit.  There's probably 4 inches or so out there, although it's too darn cold for me to go out and measure....maybe when the sun actually comes out and I can fool myself into thinking it's warmed up.

The one thing about the snow is that everything looks really fresh and clean.  Even the leaf bare limbs of the trees look fresh and new this morning.   The yard no longer looks dead and dry, and the mailboxes are pretty....even my old ratty one!

The pups weren't too excited about going out this morning.  As a matter of a fact, all of them looked at me like I had lost my mind when I mentioned it!!  But who can blame them?  I don't want to go out either.  Anyway, the pooches are curled up under the covers all nice and warm.  I, however, am sitting here typing away, feeling a bit chilly and wondering why I'm up.

Perhaps it's the dream I was having.  It was an odd one, but then again, what do you expect from the likes of me?  It's not that anything exciting was happening in my dream or was a dream about receiving email, that's not at all exciting.  Although the emails were notifications that I had gotten comments on my blog, so that did make it a bit exciting.

So, I don't guess y'all want to hear me ramble, and my feet, as well as my tea, are getting cold.  SO I think I'll crawl back under the covers and not re-emerge until the bears tell me that the honey is flowing from the honey tree in the other words when it's actually warm again!  Yeah right, no such luck.  Soon the phone will be ringing, the dogs will be barking and the cats will be demanding breakfast.  And I'm sure it will happen just as soon as I'm good and sound asleep.

Ahhhh, such is life!!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

LOL, my dog took 3 steps outside and turned around and ran for the front door. Granted shes all of 10 pounds but it WAS cold. And snowy. Is it spring yet?


your friend said...

ohhh my dog hasnt been outside since it is just 9 deg and snowing