Thursday, January 14, 2010

A good EARLY morning, y'all

Well, it's a quarter after 1 in the morning and I'm still awake.  I've been busy cleaning and rearranging things in the kitchen, so I'm a little wound up.

Anyway, GOOD MORNING!!  Sorry, didn't mean to shout.  LOL  Anyway, it's a brisk (that's a joke) 16.9 degrees in old Calhoun County.  Our humidity is 74% and with the wind chill it feels like it's 10 degrees.  Tomorrow (Thursday) it's suppose to get all the way to 45 degrees!  WOW a heat wave......should I look for my shorts??

Since it is already Thursday, I guess I'll share a little bit of knowledge (aka trivia) with y'all.  Thursday was named for the Norse God Thor.  In Danish Thursday is Torsdag.  Thursday is the fifth day of the week.

Old Mother Goose has this to say about anyone born on Thursday, "Thursday's child has far to go".  Once again I don't think it's a very good thing to tell a child born on Thursday that they have far to go......hmmmm, although it could mean they would travel a lot.  Let's pretend that's what the meaning is instead of they have to work really hard to get anywhere.

Okay, there's your lesson for today, now on to other things.

I've been listening to music as I clean.  One song in particular has played several times and I'm beginning to wonder about the underlying meaning.  The song is "Too busy being fabulous" by The Eagles.  For those of you that haven't heard it before, it's a song about things lost because a woman was too busy being "fabulous" meaning she was running around to parties and hob-nobbing with celebs.

This song has played so much tonight that I wonder if maybe there's a message in it.   It makes me wonder how many of God's Blessings I miss by being too busy to notice.  Or how many of God's Blessings other people I know are missing because of their busy lives or, in some cases, their running around the bars and trying to be something that they are not.  A friend of mine just had a terrible breakup because she couldn't stay home, or be home when she said she would be, because she was running around with people that she thought were important.  Now she knows what is really important.  Now that it's gone.

I know I've been too busy to notice a lot of things lately.  I've not taken time to walk, mainly because it's been so cold.  But even in the bitter cold there are blessings.  I should have been out there noticing them.  I should have taken time.

I've also been too stubborn to notice some things.  I know I have, and I'm working on that, but let me tell you, it's not easy.  If I could just slow down and not get so wound up over stuff, I know there are wonderful things that I would see.

Anyway, that's the latest thought bouncing around in my twisted mind.  Hope you didn't mind the fact that I bounced it out there for y'all to see.

Blessings y'all.

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Anonymous said...

Thata Girl!! God's Blessings, as you call them are "signs". Communications from Him to you. He has to find a way to get thru to each and every one of us. Can you imagine!!?? Yes, some of us are so hard headed or busy, (some both) that we neglect to recieve His messages. You are right to think there may be a message JUST FOR YOU in that song. Patience is a virtue, too..... Ever see the movie "Bruce Almighty"? Signs..... Take care and have a good day!!