Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday, a day of rest.....

Morning y'all.

Today is Sunday, known to some as a day of rest.  Sunday is considered the seventh day of the week by some, and by others it is considered the first day.  For me Sunday is the seventh day.

The word Sunday is derived from Sunnand√¶g, which literally means "sun's day".   In German Sunday is Sonntag.  

Old Mother Goose has this to say of those born on Sunday, "And the child that is born on the Sabbath day, Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay."  Seems Mother Goose appreciated Sundays.

It's only a few minutes into Sunday for me, as I am writing this just after midnight.  For me Sunday means getting up, eating a little something or at the very least having a cup of tea, talking to a person or two on the phone,  getting showered and trying to get to Church.  Notice I say "trying"?  Well, for the last two weeks it seems as though something always gets in my way. This Sunday though I'm going no matter what.

I'm sure some of you have noticed a change in the way I'm posting things.  Not many funny animal stories, and no pictures lately.  Well, I've been trapped in the house because of the weather and haven't had the opportunity to take many pictures, except of the animals.  And, because I'm trapped here, the animals have been locked up inside most of the time also, so things that were funny have become aggravating over the period of several weeks.  I'm sure once things get back to normal I've have tales to tell and pictures to share.

I've also been trying to not complain so much.  I've decided that it doesn't do any good, so why not really, I've just decided that I won't do that much anymore.  No reason to burden other's with my problems when they have plenty of their own.

Well, I'll stop in after Church and leave y'all a note.

Have a Blessed Day!!


Anonymous said...

I think you need something to talk about, so how about this; What is the difference between being depressed and being angry? The lack of passion? and,
What church do you attend? and why?

Teri said...

Dear anonymous,
I'm sorry you feel the need to tell me what I should and should not talk about on my own blog. If you had been reading for the last few days you could have figured out that all of the things about the days of the week are leading up to a few questions that I am going to post for my giveaway.
As for the rest of it, it's for a personal conversation, not a public blog.
I am changing the setting on the comments because of receiving comments such as this, so from now on EVERYONE will have to leave their name.