Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday oh Saturday!

Good Morning y'all.  I'm late with my post this morning, but sometimes things happen.

Anyway, it's 34.8 degrees in Old Calhoun County this morning, with a humidity of 83%.  The humidity things makes no sense to me, it's a misty rain out there, not a lot, but enough to get the pups fur wet, and the humidity is only 83%??

Today is Saturday!  Saturday is the sixth day of the week, and was named for the planet Saturn.  In some religious practices, Saturday is the Sabbath Day.  And for many people around the world, Saturday is a fast day.

In German Saturday is known as Samstag or Sonnabend, depending on what German speaking country you are from.  

Old Mother Goose says "Saturdays child works hard for his living".  Ain't that the truth?? For me, Saturday is housework day!!  Yes  y'all, today I do the bi-weekly chores, the everyday chores, the weekly chores and anything else that I see needs to be done.  It's also the day I brush out all the furry children living in my house (like the squirmy little white dog on my lap right now).

Don't forget that we are just 4 days away from seeing what the giveaway will be.   I'm sure y'all are going to like it!!

Now, there is a favor I would like to ask.  I realize that many of you are in the same financial position as I am, but there was a horrible fire at the Richie County Animal Shelter a few days ago.  A total of 65 dogs and cats lost their lives.  All of the food and supplies for the shelter were lost as well.  The shelter is in desperate need of funds.  Please if there is anything you can do, click on the widget below and donate what you can.

If your near Harrisville WV and would like to foster one of the surviving animals, please click  Richie County Animal Shelter and let them know.  They are in desperate need and many of the surviving animals need our help.

Thanks y'all.

Well, I'm off to search blog land for a while and then on to my Sonnabend chores.

Bye y'all!

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