Friday, November 5, 2010

Autumn oh don't fall on me!

The first breath of morning lingers for a moment, crisp, clear and hazy with moisture. Red gold leaves glitter like ruby in the foggy morning light. Crystals of ice reflect a rainbow of colors that shimmer in the chilly breeze. Autumn has arrived on a carriage of leaves drawn by horses of diamond light.

Okay, enough of that. I am in a reflective mood today and I was starting to sound like a stoned philosophy student. Sorry about that, it’s just the way Autumn affects me. I am one of those people that truly understand why they call it Fall…..I fall into a funk every year at this time and I never seem to climb out until after Thanksgiving. Thank God I’m not a Turkey, I’d really be screwed then.

So, it’s obviously turning colder. The days still seem to hold the promise of warmth and sunshine, but the nights show the true bitter heart of Autumn. I do admit that I find the first frost of the year to be beautiful, the way it makes everything shimmer and shine. But that beauty wears off almost as quickly as the frost melts, because I know that one morning soon I will look outside and instead of frost I’ll see snow.

Yes Folks, that awful four-letter word has been uttered. Now I realize that there are those of you who, for whatever reason, really enjoy the Winter and all that comes with it. But I am not one of you. Personally I believe that anyone that professes to enjoy Winter should have their heads “shrunk” by the best Psychiatrist available, but to each their own I guess. The only thing I’m sure of is that I hate the prospect of the coming snow and all the bitter cold dampness that comes with it. Not to mention the ice storms, lack of electricity, colds, flu and just general “brrrrrr” things that are lurking just around the corner.

I will admit that some years Autumn proves to be the most beautiful of our West Virginia seasons, although I don’t think this has proven to be one of those years. Mother Nature dresses her lovely mountains in jewels of maple red and oak gold with trim of dark cedar and pine. Then the vindictive bitch sends cold northern winds to rip and tear the glorious colors away until there is nothing left but dull gray trees that moan and cry in the wind. Let’s hear it for Mother Nature.

Well, I guess I’m done bitching and whining about the change of season and weather. So here are a few pictures for you to enjoy and maybe find some beauty in.



Sandra said...

Like you I like the colored leaves,but not the SNOW,tho I don't get out in it anymore,I pray for those that do,that they will get wherever their going safely !!!Owww by the way Thank-You again for the house shoes,Love them !!!

Teri said...

You are very welcome Sandy. I'm glad that you like them.

Wanda shelton said...

Terri i agree with you on the snow -winter and cold weather i dislike winter and the snow very bad makes my body hurt even worse nice pics also keep up the good blodges girlie i love reading them