Friday, January 28, 2011

Cars, trucks and idiots

Well, I'm back! LOL

As many of you know, I do not have a car at the present time. Usually I complain about that fact and act all put out and such...but today, after sitting by the window and watching the way some of these people drive (or try to drive) on my little dead end street I'm actually glad I don't have a vehicle.

Why? Well, for one simple fact...I don't handle stress well, at least I'm not handling it well these days. If I had to go somewhere today, with the roads being the mess they are and these people driving around on them, well, I'm afraid I would suffer from the Mother of all road rages! I would probably end up charged with vehicular homicide (although taking out some of these idiots would be a service to society in general) and spend the rest of my natural life in prison! Just for future reference...I DO NOT WANT TO SPEND MY LIFE IN PRISON!

I've been wanting to take a walk around and get some snow pictures, for all that it's making life rough it sure is beautiful. But as I sat here drinking my tea, I realize that walking on the roads today (or most any day for that matter) would be the same as playing Russian Roulette. I have witnessed folks coming up this road at a high rate of speed, only to stomp on their brakes and slide for 30 feet.....I don't understand this, if you can see well enough to drive, you should be able to see that the street has only been plowed, not treated, and there is ice on it.......I have also witnessed someone sitting in their driveway spinning their tires for 25 minutes trying to get the car to move.....maybe the fact that they almost fell on the way to the car should have enlightened them to the fact that it is slick....not to mention if the tires are blowing black smoke and the odor of burning rubber is heavy in the air you should probably let up on the gas and rethink your actions. And then there was the one that thought she could come off of a gravel road and, apparently just because it's gravel, not slide when she slammed on her brakes at the stop sign. I guess ice doesn't form on gravel.........

Or maybe it's just people don't know how to drive??


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Sandra said...

LOL I just like you sit and watch idiots on the road,no way am I getting out there unless someone comes here and drags me out,and I don't even drive,if you do go out be carefull