Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm soooo lazy

Well, January is almost over and I am just now adding a new post. Seems like I'm either really behind or else just lazy.....I guess I'll go with lazy for the sake of argument.

So, a short update on what's what so far this year......

I'm still here, in my little house on Pine Street with my pets (or is that pests?) and my books. I'm getting more and more adjusted to living alone the longer I live alone. Not that it's not lonely from time to's just that you get used to it after a while. But then again, I had a friend once tell me that you could get used to anything if you had to put up with it long enough.....don't know if that's true or not...but I'm beginning to think it is.

I'm working on a Paranormal Romance. Yes folks, I have decided to prostitute myself out in order to try and make a decent living like a normal (yeah right) person. Anyway...this story started out as one thing and has now taken on a life of its' own and I'm not sure where exactly it is going. Hopefully the place it ends up is in the hands of a generous publisher!! (cross your fingers for me!!)

We've had snow, snow, snow, ice, rain, rain, sleet, snow, ice, rain, snow so far this month! Sounds like fun, huh? Anyway, last night a lot of people in the county lost their electricity...luckily I wasn't one of them, although I did have a few flickers. Most every one has their electric back from what I hear, so hopefully, all is well in the wonderful county of Calhoun!!

Well, you're caught up...well, except for today that is.

Today, I gave blood!! Yes folks, I actually volunteered to have a needle stuck in my arm and a pint of that precious red stuff drawn out! Why you may be asking. Well, I realize that unlike coal and oil, blood is a renewing natural resource that can/will/could save the life of our next president, the person that cures cancer, rock star or Great American Novelist!

I just don't understand why the Red Cross has to beg people to give blood! It's easy, it doesn't hurt and they feed you afterwards! (Hell, that's better than most of the dates I've been on in the last few years!) It doesn't take that long, well, the actual process doesn't take that long, and the best part is that you could be saving the life of someone you know! WE NEED MORE BLOOD DONORS!!!

I just hope that all of those pussies...uh, people, that are afraid to give blood don't ever need to receive blood or blood products. If they do, I just hope that someone who is a fitting donor for them was brave enough and selfless enough to give the blood that saves their life!

Okay...Teri is stepping off of the soapbox!

Oh yeah....I forgot!! I GOT NEW GLASSES!!!! I don't have to wear them to see to read or type of whatever...but if you're more than 10 ft away from me and ask me how you look I WILL LIE unless I'm wearing my glasses. You see, if your 10 ft or more away I'm lucky if I can tell who you are, let alone if you look good or not! LOL

Well, that's it for now! I'm going to go find something to eat! I'm starved!!

I'll try and find my way back soon!!

Thanks kiddies!!


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