Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow, snow.....and bad internet service

Good Morning, y'all!

Well, for the third day in a row the children of Calhoun County have found a reprieve from school.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our schools are closed once again.  If you are wondering why, I will tell you.  We have SNOW....yes, that wonderful, wet, cold, frozen water that falls from the sky has graced us with it's presence once again.  It's not as though we have a lot of's just that we had a bunch of rain, followed by wet, heavy snow and freezing (really freezing) temperatures.  Then more snow....and freezing temps.....and more snow......and more freezing temps.  So our roads are slippery and snow covered, our sidewalks (what few we have) are obstacle courses and it's just plain yuck out there.

The fact that it's cold, snowy and not fit for man or beast out there wouldn't be so bad if those of us that are addicted to the Internet could just stay in and play/blog/facebook all day/night.  But NOOOO...not here!

In wonderful Calhoun (which it can be a wonderful place) we have been without internet all night.  I guess living in a rural area has it's downfalls, God knows I've lived here long enough to figure that one out on my own, but this is ridiculous.....when we call FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS, our wonderful phone/Internet provider, we are told...."There is no known issue in that area".  Okay....maybe mine is an anomaly, I could except that.  Except for the fact that when I finally get back on Facebook I find that the WHOLE COUNTY has been without Internet service all night!!

I realize that we are a small county, we aren't heavily populated and we have no thriving cities....but we still have enough people here that SOMEONE should have noticed that the whole county has been offline for the entire night!!!  Shouldn't the phone calls have alerted someone to the fact that there was a server problem in this area?  Or maybe the fact that no one had heard from any of us all night? 

All I can say is that it is humbling to realize that even when the whole county is still and quiet, no one notices.  In the great scheme of things, a night without Internet isn't that horrible, but it is annoying.  And it's even more unsettling to realize that our whole county can go still and silent and no one really seems to notice.

I'm going to go back in and crawl under the covers.  For some reason I suddenly feel very small and almost frightened.

Have a good day y'all.


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Sandra said...

Yes is weird the phone company didn't realize internet was out,maybe they need to listen to the callers !!