Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

This is my dad, 70 years ago.

Today is his birthday, he will be 71. I haven't gotten to see him in a few years, I don't have a way to go to Ohio and he is in poor health, so he can't travel like he once did. It hurts my heart that I can't spend time with him. It hurts my heart more that I haven't told him that he has always been my hero!

My dad quit school before he finished the 8th grade. He went to work so he could help support the family. I've never really understood that, seeing as how there were only two children and my grandfather worked at Ford Motor Company, but that's what he did.

This is my Dad in Grade School.

Here is another school picture.

Dad had several jobs when he was young. He always worked hard and seemed to enjoy whatever it was that he had to do.

He worked in a grocery store. Here he is in his apron and bow tie!

He also worked at a dairy. He had to wear a bow tie there too!

My Dad had a rough way coming up. He was the youngest and there were some things that just didn't seem, well, "right" about the family dynamic. It seemed as though my uncle was the favorite child, and my Dad was just, well, the youngest.

Daddy liked to hunt and fish. I have several pictures, including the ones below, of him with his hunting dogs or with various other dogs he had. He always had dogs of some sort around.

Here he is as a little boy with his favorite dog!

Here he is as a young man with some of his pups.

Here is one of his favorite dogs.

We had hunting dogs when I was a child too. He even let me play with them. Those puppies always did love to lick my face!

Daddy and Mom met when they were really young. My Daddy was only 17! They fell in love and loved each other until the day my Mommy passed away. She's been gone now for 11 years and we all miss her so very much. I'm sure that Daddy misses her more than all of us put together though. Mommy was the one to throw my Dad his 18th birthday party!

Daddy and Mommy at Daddy's 18th birthday party!

The big 18th birthday party!

Daddy cutting the birthday cake!

Mom and Dad when Daddy was 17.

Daddy and Mommy on the day they were married.

Dad and Mom with a friend in 1963.

Dad and Mom in their late 40's.

Daddy loved Mommy with all his heart. He loves his children, me and my sister Elaine, and his grandchildren too!

Daddy, Mommy and Me!!

Daddy teaching Elaine to dance.

Daddy has a strange sense of humor. Mommy had a twisted sense of humor as well. When she asked him what he wanted for his 18th birthday he told her he wanted a little black baby with a red ribbon around it's neck. Guess what he got?

Daddy and his baby doll! Happy birthday!!

Told you he has a weird sense of humor!

I guess I got my twisted sense of humor from both my parents! Here I am trying to pull Daddy's teeth when I was just 3 years old. Notice he went along with it!

Dad was sort of a "hood" when he was younger. He loved his fast cars and his motorcycles. He wore white t-shirts with the sleeves rolled up and peg leg jeans. He also had a "duck-tail"! LOL

My Daddy.....the "hood"

Daddy with his sleeves rolled up and his peg-legged jeans next to his car.

Daddy in front of the garage.

In case you haven't already guessed, I love my Daddy with all of my heart. I miss him and wish that I could be with him today!



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