Monday, October 24, 2011


SOOOOOO, as some of you (all of you??) may know, I can be sort of vulgar, and I have a very twisted sense of humor!  There in lays the problem!

I set up a "fictional character" page in the wonderful land of FAKEBOOK (also known as Facebook) in order to NOT offend some of my friends that don't appreciate my sense of humor, sense of the absurd and down right orneriness!  On that page, which has a HUGE warning that says "OVER 18 ONLY!  DO NOT ENTER if you are under 18 or a PRUDE", I post stuff that I don't post on the personal page.  Some of it is down right awful, but not violent or overly sexual....mostly poking fun at the absurdity of people and the way they act/speak. 

Anyway....Last night I was spammed by some asshole that thought it would be cool to post something about a new porn site that is opening.  As soon as I saw that post, I deleted and blocked him.  This morning someone thought that something I had posted was tasteless and sick, which it was, and they reported me.  Okay, that's their right.  BUT, it is my right to post what I want as long as it isn't in violation of the policies that are listed with FB. 


Now the fact that I'm blocked from FB doesn't really bother me that badly.  What bothers me is that the TROLLS out there randomly pick someone (in this case ME) and go troll their page, purposely LOOKING for something that offends them!!  TO ME THAT IS OFFENSIVE!!! 

What has this country, hell the world, come to that people are allowed to determine what is or isn't offensive?  I don't post anything graphic, I don't insult religions or ethnic groups, I don't pick out ANY groups to insult or make fun of!  I find cartoons and/or stupid signs and post them!  I make fun of the HUMAN RACE and the depths of stupidity that we have fallen to!!

People that purposely look around for something that offends them need to realize that they are DOING THE SAME THING THE NAZIS DID IN GERMANY!  NO ONE has the right, not by law, to decide what is or isn't offensive. The courts can decide, the majority can decide, but NOT ONE PERSON!  And for FB to block my account because of ONE complaint....that's friggin' ridiculous!

The person that decided that I offended her was neither ASKED nor INVITED  to come to my page nor was she SPAMMED.  She came under her own volition, probably because she was looking for someone's cheerio's to piss in!  Unfortunately she choose my little corner of the world as the perfect place to pee!

There are MANY things out there that offend me.  YES, I do speak my mind about them from time to time, but I don't go looking for things that may or may not be offensive.  I am not the WORD POLICE!!  If I were there are MANY things that would be BANNED from LIFE, not just from FAKEBOOK!

Somehow I have been left out of the "HOLIER THAN THOU" club, yet another thing that I am thankful to God for, and I don't EVER plan on trying to gain admittance!  I believe that as long as you are NOT promoting hate of ANY type then you have a right to say what you think or repeat something that you find humorous.

My page went from having 4 people to having over a thousand in just under14 hours!  MOST all of the people that have been there have liked what I say/post and they check back a few times a day in order to see what type of trouble I am in now.  THIS ONE SHOULD REALLY CRACK THEM UP!  And, unfortunately, it will also piss most of them off.  That's the one sad fact that can not be overlooked.  This person's actions has affected many more people than her intended target (me) and they will be angry and some may say somethings that even I don't agree with.  But everyone has to live with the consequences of their included.

Okay, done bitchin!

Y'all have a good one!!



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People need to clean their OWN back porch before sticking their nose into other peoples porches