Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sometimes I wonder....

You know, sometimes I wonder why I even bother posting anything here. There area only a couple of people that even bother to comment, I love you both, even though I know there are many more than that who checks out what I write. WHAT'S WRONG PEOPLE??? FORGOT HOW TO COMMENT??

Okay, now that I'm over that, let's move on to Stray dogs and Small towns.

I had to call the city police yesterday! Yes folks, for once I had to rely on the backup and support of our local law enforcement officer. (Who BTW is a real cutey and very, very nice and polite!) You see, yesterday morning I opened the door while holding on to the harness of my little black dog, Loki. I reached out to get the tie-out so that I could let him out for a while. TWO strays ran up onto my porch and attacked me and Loki. Loki ran, they got him down and then he got away again and was gone for an hour. When he came back he was scared and shaking, and he shook for over 2 hours. Thankfully he wasn't hurt too badly, just bruised and sore, so he's doing okay.

But, while the police were here I found out that it is ILLEGAL to fire so much as a slingshot in our little town. Yes folks, we can't shoot a slingshot, let alone a bb rifle or a pellet gun.....I'm surprised that we are allowed to use straws to shoot paper wads at each other! LOL Maybe I should to bring that up at the next city council meeting!

Speaking of the city council, OMG, all I can say is WHY??? WHY did we elect them?? WHY do we RE-elect them??

But, hopefully the law is going to fix the problem with the strays! I HOPE!



Ron B. said...

Hope everything is OK with Loki. I think slingshots, bb and pellet guns should leagle to shoot anywhere as long as it isn't at another person.

deb said...

I see no mention of a law against hatchets. Take it with you when you take Loki out. You could kill a couple dogs really fast and the hatchet will never leave your hand!

Sandra said...

That's what is wrong with this town,to many stray cats & dogs,people get your animals spayed or neutered,and also take care of your pets,don't let them run loose