Saturday, April 9, 2011

It has been FOREVER since....

It has been forever since I've posted anything. Bet y'all thought I had forgotten about you, either that or that I had run away from home and wasn't about to give any clues as to where I was. But, although the running away thing is something I've considered a time or two, I am still here....just haven't been in a blogging mood.
Actually I've been working on a manuscript. Yes folks, Teri has finally decided to stop being such a chicken-shit and actually try to get something published! Yay me!!
A person would think that writing, especially for someone like me that has hundreds of thousands of words doing battle in their head, would be an easy prospect. Well, I'm here to tell you THAT IS SOOOOOO WRONG! I mean, it was easy to start this manuscript....I had a thousand ideas and story lines.....then I made the decision to allow the story to tell it's self. Yes folks, I am just the conduit for a bunch of words that come pouring out like pus from an infected sore. (ECKKKK.....that was just wrong)
What I'm trying to say is this, I sit here and stare off into space, usually listening to the Blues, and type.....I don't even read what I've written until later, sometimes not until the next day.....or else I sit here and watch television, usually some show about history or a Sci-Fi or Horror movie, and just allow the words to flow. I didn't do this at first, at first I struggled for each and every word, now that I've decided to allow the story to tell it's self I can't type fast enough to keep up!!
Sounds easy, huh? Well, I guess it would be except for the fact that the muse, or voice, or whatever that is telling this story is a bit schizophrenic. You see, the story keeps changing.....each and every time I write some new character or situation pops up. Characters that I thought would become a story line unto themselves have died...or turned out to be evil....or become so seriously boring that even I can't stand to read about them. Who knows, maybe I'm the schizo not the voice in my head. (hmmmm...voice in my head...pretty much the definition of schizo.) is a little bit of the manuscript.....please let me know what you think, k?
He spoke to me of a magical tune

He spoke of a child, born too soon

He danced his finger across my face

He spoke of the magic in this place

She woke up with a start, the soft voice lingering in her ears, or was it lingering in her mind? Running her fingers through her short blond hair, she heaved a bone weary sigh and stretched like a sun-warmed cat.

“Shit, what I wouldn’t give for a full night’s sleep.” Her voice was sultry with just a hint of Southern flavor. Rubbing her fingers across her forehead, she sighed yet again and stood up to face her day.

Stumbling to the kitchen she started the coffee pot and wondered if she had time for a quick shower. Deciding that she did, she headed toward her small, neat bathroom, shedding her pajamas as she went.

Reaching through the shower curtain, she adjusted the water to just barely over lukewarm and stepped in. She grabbed her washcloth and squirted her favorite shower gel onto the cloth. As the aroma of honeysuckle and orange blossoms filled the shower the breathless whisper of a voice invaded the edges of her mind again.

Suddenly, the water felt like shards of glass slicing through her. The washcloth felt like sandpaper stripping off layers of skin.

“Enough of this shit!” Her own voice startled her so badly she almost fell. Reaching out a trembling hand, she shut off the water and grabbed the towel.

In sharp contrast to the biting water, the towel felt like fluffed cotton. Closing her eyes in pleasure, she slowly dried off and slipped into her robe. Wrapping the towel around her unruly hair, she stepped out of the bathroom with only one thought on her mind…

So, that was the beginning. Do you think it sounds interesting, or am I just indulging in an act of mental masturbation?
Y'all me the judge!


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