Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baby, it's still cold outside!!

So, it's really cold again tonight!!  It's 18 degrees and it feels like 20 below!!  I hate cold weather!!

Anyway, this will be a short little post...well, it's suppose to be!  I showed y'all my Christmas tree....well, it's being redone.  No, not because of the cat....although he did his best last night to make sure that it needed to be redone. 

You see, we went to Wally World today.  I needed to buy a pair of shoes, no, not boots, just tennie shoes, and we wanted to get all the stuff for cookies and candies, so off to Spencer we went.  Of course once I was there I had to look at the Christmas decorations.  I can't go into ANY store that has Christmas decorations and NOT look.  But anyway, I found some awesome red lights for my tree! 

If you saw the pictures from earlier, you know that my tree is white and that this year I decided to do it in red and gold.  Of course, I've never had a white tree before, so when I say "this year" I mean the first year.  When I saw the red lights I just knew that I had to have them for the white tree.  I also got a red angel to go on top, simply because I don't like that orange star.

So tomorrow I'm going to be redoing the tree with more red garland and red lights and red angels!!  I love doing Christmas trees!

Now I'm going to go make a cup of hot tea, drink it and find somewhere warm to lay down and sleep!

Night all!!

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