Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter thoughts

I woke up Saturday morning and knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that Winter had finally closed her death cold hand upon us. How did I know that? Well, the answer is very simple.....SNOW. Yes kiddies, we had the first actual snowfall of the winter today (well, actually last night and this morning, but whatever). Here is a view of what I saw when the dogs and I went out into the world:

It was a wet, heavy snow and it bowed down the branches of the pines.  In the recesses of my mind I began thinking about the last time we had a wet, heavy snow and how it was followed by ice and days without electricity.  Just looking at the following pictures are enough to chill me to the bone:

The snow is melting now, and it's suppose to be around 41 degrees tomorrow, so there's not much of a chance of any more snow falling in the next day or two.  Today's thin blanket was just Mistress Winter exercising her hold over us.  It won't be long before she has us all in a Death grip, begging and pleading for the Maiden Spring to deliver us from Winter's holdings.

But until then we will have to sit with our toes in the fire wishing and hoping for deliverance from the dark cold that is Winter.


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Anonymous said...

Teri,that snow you had spread to me in PA., and it maks me feel like Christmas is coming!!!! I just LOVE going to all the blogs you visit. Where do you find them all? And where did you learn to write so beautifully?