Saturday, December 19, 2009

People that know me know.....

People that know me know that I say my dogs are nosier than any other living animal. Well now I have proof .

As I said earlier, we have snow, and it's still snowing like crazy. At last measure we have 11 inches and the snow is still coming down strong! My pups needed out, so I let everyone out. Loki hates it, but he found a place to hike his leg and do what he needed to do. Bitty acted like she always does when there is snow, ran around and did her "snow plow" bit. DeeOhGee however, she is the worst. She heard a sound and couldn't see what it was because she was in the path that my neighbor had shoveled out for me. So here is what she did:

I told everyone that my dogs were the world knows!! LOL

Until the next snow update, I'm outta here!

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