Tuesday, December 22, 2009

For those of you that guessed

For those of you that either made a guess as to which dog in a previous post was mine and which was his "body double", I have decided to let y'all know.

Before I do that though, I wanted to say that out of all the people that commented, emailed or called, only three were correct.  Those three were Deb, Lorna and Esther.  Lorna is Deb's daughter and of course Warrington is Deb's "pound puppy".  Esther knows Loki because every time she comes over he tries to get into her car!!

So, without further ado.....the correct answer is:

The first pup is Loki, on his favorite perch, my couch! 

The second pup is Warrington, safe and happy in his forever home after being a "street puppy".

There were several reasons that I posted the pictures and the question.  One reason is  that these two pups were born hundreds of miles apart and look as though they are from the same litter.  They have the same colors, almost the same markings and they are the same size.  

The most important reason I posted was to simply remind folks that there are good, adoptable dogs out there, either in local pounds or running the street, that would make someone as good of a pet as Warrington has made for Deb and her family.

So remember, the next time you decide that you and your family want to get a pet, think of all of the homeless cats, dogs, kittens and puppies that are in our pounds.  If you decide to adopt please consider a "pound puppy" or a "pound kitty".

Blessings y'all!


Sandra said...

Yes all critters are GOD'S critters,they all need our help,also the Homeless people need our help and Prayers

Anonymous said...

Teri, you are truly a wonderful person. Thank you for being a voice for the animals. Rock on, girlfriend!!