Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rain, rain go away......

Well, it's Sunday, December 13, 2009.  It's 43.9 degrees outside in old Calhoun County and the rain is pouring down.  The really strange thing about that is that the weather channel says that the humidity is only can someone explain that to me??  I mean I could understand if there wasn't water pouring out of the sky, if it was just "sticky", but it is actually raining, how can it be raining if the humidity is only 86%?

Anyway, it's almost Christmas.  Once upon a time that would have excited me, now it is just about the most depressing statement I've ever heard.  My kids are scattered around the country and none of them will be home for Christmas.  No kids home means no grandkids home either.  I think I've come to a decision......Christmas without kids is like swimming without water.....depressing and possibly dangerous.

Anyway, I redid the tree with red lights instead of the white ones.  I'm not sure that I like it, but I'm not going to redo it again.  I think next year it will be a white tree with dark green ornaments....but that's getting ahead of myself.  Here is what the final product turned out to be:

So anyway, I'm not sure that I like the tree, but it's up and hopefully there will be presents under it soon enough.....actually I'm waiting on things that have been ordered and not yet received.  Hope they get here soon or this tree is going to be pitiful!!

So, last night was the second Saturday of the month.  That means that last night was the sing at the Lion's club in Grantsville.  There weren't too many people there this month.  I guess between the weather, which has been cold and awful, and the Holidays, which are galloping down on us with the speed of a run-away stallion, people decided that they couldn't come out to hear some Bluegrass.  But, the ones that did make it seemed to have fun, and I got plenty of pictures.

Here are a select few:

It was a good evening!!

One more thing.....Happy Birthday Bob!!


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Tree looks great,I like it better unlit,You may not have your kids but you have your furry critters to keep you company and busy