Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yes, I'm sick!!

So, in case any of you missed it, I'm sick.  That's the bad news.  The good news is that I don't have the Pig Flu.

Now, how do I know this you ask.  It's simple, I went to the Doctor and they did the "influenza test".  What is the influenza test you ask.  Well it's something like this:

You sit in a chair and they first take  your vitals, pulse, blood pressure, oxygen level, things they check to make sure that you are still alive.  Once they are done with that, they shove a wad of cotton that is attached to a length of wood up your nostril and leave it there for a minute.  Now, while I was sitting there with a yardstick attached to a cotton ball shoved up my right nostril so far that my left hand was twitching, I noticed that 60 seconds does not equal 1 minute.  60 seconds of having the right side of your brain jabbed with a cotton covered yard stick equals an hour of normal time.  And having some one say "Just a few seconds more" just makes the time drag out that much longer.

Anyway, I sat through this indignity in order to find out if I had the flu.  I don't.  I don't have influenza A or B.  So I won't be oinking for a while yet.  

The question still remains as to what I DO have.  I'm running a fever, have aching muscles, a sore throat, no congestion, a headache and now, just to make things interesting, an earache as well.  The answer:  A Viral Infection.   And there is nothing that they can give me to make it better, or to at least cut the recovery time.  WTF?  Who's bright idea is this??  If you don't have the flu you can't be helped?  If I'm not mistaken there's not much that they are doing to help the flu either, so why can't they at least ACT as though they can give me something to make me feel like a human again?  Or maybe kiss it and make it better?

Anyway, I'm sick and that's why I haven't posted in a day or so.  At least this time I DO have an excuse.

Well, the wind is blowing like crazy and the rain is coming down in sheets, so it's going to be an interesting night, to say the very least.  As long as it doesn't begin to thunder, I'll be fine.  I hate storms, I really, really, REALLY hate storms.  So let's hope it doesn't storm.

Later y'all!!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you get to feeling better SOON!!