Sunday, December 27, 2009

A dog's love

Hi kiddies!

Well, today's post is going to be different from the post you are used to seeing from me.  So grab a cup of your favorite beverage, sit down, get comfortable and accompany me on a journey through the twisted maze that is my mind.

Have you ever wondered what drives a dog to lie on it's master's grave, refusing to move, until it grieves itself to death?  Is it that elusive thing called love?  Is it loyalty?  Fear, anxiety or merely grief?  Is it a combination of all of the above?

In a world full of uncertainties, I am absolutely certain of one thing.  My dogs love me.  I know all three of them love me, but my Jack Russell, Bitty, would be the one most likely to lie on my grave and grieve.  Loki and DeeOhGee would miss me I'm sure, but Bitty, my little black-eyed Bitty would not know what to do without me.

It's not as though I'm so alone, or sickly twisted, that I think the only living creatures on earth that love me are my dogs.  I know my kids love me, and so does my Dad.  My Grandkids think I'm some mysterious mythical creature that resides in the strange mountains of that misty foreign land called West Virginia. (for those of you who do not know, I NEVER get to see my grandkids.  It's not by choice, it's simply circumstances beyond our control.)

I also have some wonderful friends that would, at the very least,  be upset by my demise.

So you see, I'm not some crazy "cat lady" that believes only her pets care for her.

But I will tell you something my friends, I look into those big black eyes set in a little white fur covered face, and I know that  in that compact 16 lb bundle of muscle and energy resides a love that knows no bounds.

I realize that a mere "animal" isn't suppose to be able to feel an emotion that is usually attributed to humans.  I also realize that the love of a child or a husband, wife, father, mother or friend touches we humans as nothing else can.

But I believe that the love of a loyal four legged companion, the love of a dog for her master is something that one can't experience from any other creature on Earth.  It doesn't matter if you say heartless things to a dog, they will be there by your side even if you never call them anything except stupid and worthless.  You can do cruel things to a dog and all it takes is a bit of affection and they will be by your side until death.  Try that with a human.  If you do you will find yourself embroiled in screaming matches, physical violence or under arrest.  If you betray a human the results are never undying loyalty.  You can betray a dog and still receive more love and loyalty than you've ever deserved.

That very fact, that undying love and unwavering loyalty, is the thing that leads to animal abuse and neglect.  And it's what should make that abuse and neglect punishable by more than a fine, probation or a few days in jail.  People, and I use that term loosely, that abuse and kill animals should face stiffer penalties, they should be punished severely.  But they will never be punished to the extent that I believe they should be.  At least not here on Earth.  Perhaps there's a special place in Hell for them.

One can hope.

Be sure to hug your kids, kiss your lover, tell your friends how important they are and give your dogs an extra treat and belly rub today.  Remember all of the homeless people and animals out there.  Keep them in your prayers as the sky goes dark and the night grows cold.



Anonymous said...

dogs are a mans best friends

Sandra said...

This is so true,I know my cats would miss me more than some so called friends would,yes even here in town there are a lot of homeless animals,and I'd say a lot of homeless people,more than you would realize out there,GOD BLESS them all

Anonymous said...

Teri, your thoughts are going deep I see. Your love for animals is showing and we can tell you are a kind soul who would rescue every homeless animal out there if she could. Your animals are lucky to have you as their master..

Anonymous said...

"Small but Mighty" says:


~ RM said...

What a heartfelt post. It brings tears to my eyes, and also enrages me (thinking of 'abusers') I have two furry 'sons' of my own, two labs actually. One chocolate (had him since he was 8 weeks) and one black (he's our pound puppy- we adopted him when he was 4-6 years old.) I can't believe people could ever harm such innocent, loving, intelligent creatures. I also agree that people don't get the 'punishment that fits the crime'. I am a firm believer in Karma, and I do think these people will have to suffer the concequences, either here on Earth or at the Pearly Gates.
Glad to see another who recognizes the beautiful soul in an animal's eyes.