Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Good morning

Good morning, or should I say good night as I haven't been to bed yet?  I can't sleep, but so what else is new?

It's 50 degrees right now in Grantsville, and it's pissing down the rain.  The good news is that it's suppose to get up to 50 today....wait, it already is, so what do we have to look forward to?  And it's suppose to it is right now.   Anyway, tomorrow the high temp is suppose to be 29 degrees....don't that sound like fun??

Now I'm going to do something that  I don't usually do, I'm asking for help from ANYONE that is reading this.  With winter galloping toward us, and it being the holiday season and all, I would like to invite anyone that is able to please help us get coats, mittens, winter garments, etc for the kids at Rosebud Reservation.  Here's a link to Changing Winds Inc, an organization that has been helping the kids on the Rez for a few years now.  I try and donate what I can, which at times hasn't been much.  This year is tough on most of us, but for these people it's even worse.  Go check them out and you'll see:

I know that I complain a lot.  But I go and read about what these folks are going through, and what they have gone through for years now, and I realize that I don't have too awful much to actually complain about.  I have running water, I have electric and gas, I have a roof over my head and I have warm clothes.  My children had all of those things growing up and my grandkids have all of those things and much more right now.  But there are children living in the heartland of America that have no winter clothes, or coats, children who don't know what it is like to turn on a faucet and get hot and cold running water, or any water for that matter.  

If everyone of us would just donate a coat or a pair of gloves, just think of what a difference that would make.  I believe a person should leave the world a better place than it was before them, this could be one way of doing that.

Instead of getting myself something for Christmas, which I do every year nothing big, but something that I want, instead of doing that I'm going to buy a coat, hat and a pair of gloves and send them to the Rosebud Reservation.  That's my present to myself.

Good night now!

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