Thursday, December 17, 2009

Brrrrr...I hate winter!!

Good Morning y'all!   It's a blazing 19.5 degrees outside humidity of 92%.  And NO it's not snowing or raining or very foggy.  Doesn't it just amaze  you how it can be that cold and still have humidity that is high enough to frizz your hair??

Anyway, it's just after 7 a.m. and I'm awake.  I've been having some  problems with my left hip and it's interfering with my sleepy time, in other words I can't sleep well.  I hate it, sleeping is one of my favorite things to do in the winter......actually I would hibernate if I could just figure out how the bears do it without starving to death!

As you may or may not know I have three of the cutest little, spoiled dogs in the world.  They have more toys than most three year olds and they get away with  more than my kids ever did.....just don't tell my kids that I said that, okay?  So, it's cold, like I said, and when the "pups" have to go outside to potty they have the tendency of, well, freezing.  So I, like any good "Momma", bought a coat for my "babies".  It's a really cute coat, and all of them love to wear it.  Bitty would wear it all the time if I let her, as a matter of a fact she gets jealous when one of the others wear it.  You should see her, she tries to take the coat off of which ever dog has it on!! It's hilarious!!  

So last night, Bitty had her coat on and she went out and did whatever it was that she needed to do.  When she came in I managed to get a few pictures of her.  So here you go, Bitty in her coat:

She thinks she's queen shit in her coat let me tell  you!  I think she's cute as a bug in a rug!!

Gotta love a fashion queen canine!!!

Later y'all!!

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi teri...thanks for stopping by! i will announce the winner of the basket tomorrow and i am also putting up an even bigger basket which you can enter to wion tomorrow!